Are you ready to amplify your legacy by accessing the extraordinary?

The STELLARmind is seven months of multidimensional Masterminding, with grounded and practical energetic and business support to maximise the epic impact you’re here to make in the world!

Make your dream business and life, a reality.

The STELLARmind is a high-frequency, energy rich, and intentional group of soulful leaders who are committed to serving the world and humanity at large.

Carly provides grounded and practical energetic support so that you can make epic impact in the world. 

Carly’s superpower is simplifying business-building, with your soul vision front and centre at all times. This isn’t a join-the-dots, business-in-a-box experience – it’s a specifically curated program that maximises your energy richness.
You’ll unlock a cascade of energy, inspiration, and higher-level thinking through elevated states of being while you progress through the Quantum Upgrade Light Pillars.


Format and Inclusions

2 x Live Calls Per Month

Every two weeks there will be a Group Call - alternating between - Quantum Energy Upgrade Pillars of Light and Hot Seat Coaching.

Collaborative Community

A private facebook group for your highly activating livestreams and mastermind discussions, and online co-working sessions to keep you accountable and motivated!

Pillars of Light

7 Months of potent Mastermind support, activating the Pillars of Light in your energetic field that fuel and amplify your business, leadership & legacy!

Personal Light Grid Activation

A powerful personal light grid activation session either self guided or 1:1 with Carly (for Power and Premium Members).

1:1 Private Mentoring Support

1:1 Laser-coaching sessions with Carly for Power and Premium members.

Offline Support When Needed

A dedicated Mastermind group chat for offline support.
For premium members there's Private Voxer & Messenger access to Carly.

2 x Half-Day Activations

Two half-day group activations (online) to solidify each Quantum Upgrade Pillar in your energetic field.

Bonus Program Access

Access to Carly's programs Anchor Your Light, Bring It Online Babes Bootcamp and audio series Luscious Luminosity.

Online Library of Resources

Access to done-for-you business templates that convert and sell; effective methods to create your powerful signature programs and offerings that ZING with your potency

Multi-faceted Life Support

Access to all of the tools, processes and techniques Carly uses daily - in business, self-care, relationships, health, energy integrity and quantum flow.

Discounted Access

20% off any offers Carly releases during your time in The STELLARmind.

High Touch

High touch complete energetic support and presence in your journey for the entire seven months.

The Seven Pillars of Light

The Pillars of Light are a supercharged energy medicine process to increase your inner light quotient* and amplify your energetic field.

We install them as a structure in your energetic field, to ensure you’re completely supported by an architecture of light that streams directly into your daily experience of life, business, and leadership!

We re-code and restore you across your mind, emotions, physical and energetic bodies – to the embodied knowing of your divinity.


*Your inner light quotient is the amount of light your body can hold and let flow through you. The higher your light quotient = sustaining a consistent high frequency of vibration.


Foundational Belief

We're finally releasing the self-belief blocks that keep you from completely trusting who you're here to be and the legacy you're here to live. Landing in the bedrock of your core that is always safe, and held by the universe, no matter what.


Your Truest Self

It's time to release the parts of you that hold you back, in fear and doubt, frozen and chained from within, and let the true light of your soul shine instead: let's reclaim who you truly are, and arrive in the most exalted version of YOU available now.


Energetic Coherence

It's time to leave our inner resistance behind, and learn how to cultivate the coherence that brings our desires into our lives with serendipitous flow, ease, and a bit more grace for good measure!


Resilient Service

Get ready to embody the true success of your business and legacy, and learn what it truly takes to weather the stick-with-it-ness required for long-term victories, throughout all of the ups and downs of the soulful business journey.


Crystalline Consciousness

We're activating the full rainbow of light that you are and your etheric DNA, to allow your frequency to inhabit the highest and purest energy of love and service for yourself and humanity (this is self-love turned on its head and supercharged!).


Visibility Radiance

We're embracing and alchemising the fear of being seen and judged for who we truly are, and clearing the wounds that have kept us small and out of sight for too long. And stepping into a radiance that magnetises our soul mate people (friends, lovers, clients, and customers) to our light.


Luminous Legacy

We'll spin the light of your specific legacy out into the world with even more amplification, magnificence, and true magic. All while letting your legacy lead YOU.


This Mastermind is for you if

You're Lit up by Legacy

You're turned on by the legacy you are here to live by and leave behind on earth. You know that the abundance, joy and success will naturally follow this.

You're Ready to Initiate Yourself

You're a woman who initiates herself - you don't wait for others to make you worthy of what you're here to do.

You're committed to Excellence but not Perfection

You know the conditions aren't perfect and neither are you. But you're bringing it anyway! Even when you're in the messy in-between. Because you're capable of fulfilling your dreams.

You want to learn how to Co-create with the Forces of Creation

You're ready to co-create with the forces of the universe, knowing that your wildest dreams are also the highest ecstasy of your ancestors, and for generations to come.

Amazing Results

In previous Mastermind rounds, members achieved amazing results, including:

When you invest in your energetic wealth - it repays you for years.

And - it can be scary to invest in yourself. But please know that you're always your surest bet.

So if you're feeling the tap tap of 'this could be for me!' curiosity - click below to find out more!



These values will feel like a SOUL YES for you:

You can Initiate and Anchor

You know the universe responds to bold declarations from you and your soul. That the initiation must first come from you, and then external support appears. You're ready to create your bold vision within your own energetic field first and foremost, followed by strategy and structure to suit it (not the other way around). And you’re ready to make it real, now.

You Love Advanced Energetics

You’re excited to work in the advanced energetic realm of connecting to Quantum Upgrade Pillars of Light that are lined up for you to claim and integrate into your life. You're done with basic mindset techniques and wishful thinking and you're ready to bring your most energised self to your work and life!

You Want to See a Feminised Economy & a Socially Just World

You're also ready to rewrite the terms of feminine leadership, and support the principles of a feminised economy and social justice with your legacy of service! You want to be held in an intimate space of like-hearted women, harnessing the energy of the group to supercharge your mission.

past client success

Testimonials from the Front Line!

"Working with Carly as a member of The Stellarmind was exactly the stretch I needed to fully activate the commitment to my bigger vision. And holy moly, has it paid off! I can’t even explain exactly what it is Carly does, but I can confidently say that it works! All it requires is your willingness to say YES and dive in - and watch the magic happen!"
Jasmine Rose
Foundress Shakti Yoga School
"I was drawn to Carly for her holistic approach: equal parts practical and spiritual, without wavering from her commitment to justice and integrity. Carly is equal parts cheerleader, visionary, wise guide, and soul sister –with an extra dose of magic for good measure. I feel so much more aligned and anchored in myself and my soul’s purpose after working together."
Sarah Messner
Foundress, Sacred Routes Journeys

About Your Guide & Mentor, Carly

Carly Stephan is a mentor and coach who provides grounded and practical energetic support to leaders and visionaries so they can unleash their gifts and create epic impact in the world.

For the last 8+ years Carly has founded and run her soul-led Mentoring and Coaching business, and created paradigm-shifting programs, techniques, and tools to guide her clients into extraordinary accomplishments in business, life, and creative pursuits.

Prior to launching her business, Carly spent over a decade consulting and working for international aid and development organisations like the United Nations, International NGOs,  and the Centre For Social Change – mentoring and guiding individuals and communities both locally and overseas in Kenya, South East Asia, the Pacific region and Australia.

Carly has taught, tutored, facilitated, mentored, and coached hundreds of people, both men and women, from school level to university level – many of whom have become leaders of their own movements of change and extraordinary contributions to the world!

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YOU'LL ALSO GET ACCESS TO 40+ Powerful training videos & pdf templates for you to use

The STELLARmind Membership Library Includes:

  • Preparing and Creating the Energetic Container of Your Offerings
  • How to Create Your Freebie Offer / Opt-In Content
  • Holding The Energy For Launching Your Offer (and staying in alignment, in general).
  • Navigating Collaborations in Work
  • How to Download and Map out your Body of Work or Signature System for a Program of Course
  • The Art of Honouring Where You’re at Without Collapsing // How to Deal With Expansion Wobbles
  • Your Feminine Super Powers – Amplifying Play & Your Erotic Energy for Powerful Results
  • How to Create Programs and Offerings that entice your soul mate clients to sign up!
  • Soulful price setting and raising your prices
  • How to reclaim your certainty when you’re in doubt
  • Soulful Finances For Your Business
  • Funnels! WTAF. Demystifying, debunking and making it plain and simple.
  • Making investment decisions for your business, simplifying & bringing on team! When to, and when not to…
  • My Personal Journey to Leaving My Day Job, to Working Full Time for Myself
  • There’s Never A Perfect Time to Launch!
  • How To Create Compelling Videos For Content & Livestreams
  • How to Strength Your Energetic Field
  • How to deal with overflowing inspiration & feeling bound by the constraints of linear time
  • Upgrading and Up-levelling Your Life & Business – Your Way!
  • Visibility! Why we get scared of it! Breaking down the underpinnings of that fear.
  • Tips and Advice for Coaches/Mentors


The STELLARmind Price Tiers

PRIMARY Tier AUD 280 per month*

Access (forever) to the STELLARmind membership site

STELLARmind Facebook group and group messenger chat support

Online co-working sessions for supercharged focus and accountability!

Mastermind calls every 2 weeks - alternating between a Quantum Upgrade Pillar of Light Call and a Hot Seat Call

Livestream Masterclass trainings in the STELLARmind facebook group

2 x Half-Day Group Activation sessions during our time together

*280 per month x 9 Payments or 2500 up front

POWER Tier AUD 333 per month*

1 x 1:1 30-minute Laser coaching session with Carly per month to focus purely on your needs

1 x Personalised Guided Meditation and Activation for your specific soul's ascension needs

Plus 1 x 1:1 Personal Light Grid Half-day Activation session with Carly for a supercharged power up to last a lifetime!

Everything included in the STELLARmind Primary Tier of Membership, the Power Tier of support comes with added specific 1:1 time together, for some extra supercharged power during your STELLARmind experience!

*333 per month x 9 payments or 2900 up front

AUD 856 per month*

On-tap 1:1 voxer/messenger coaching, mentoring and energetic support from Carly during office hours

2 x 1:1 50-minute laser coaching sessions with Carly per month

Personal review of your content, offerings and writing with specific recommendations and strategic direction suggestions for your business and legacy work.

All inclusive of the other STELLARmind levels with additional super high touch support, for the woman who wants to be held intimately, with extra special focus and attention!

*856 per month x 9 Payments or 6900 upfront

join the light-fuelled success

More lovely words from clients

Are you ready to apply? I'm excited to do this with you!

I acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the unceded land upon which I live, work and play in Meanjin (Brisbane), Australia: the Turrbal and Jagera People, and pay my respect to their ancestors and elders both past and present.