Episode 8: When Everything Feels Hopeless – Try This

You’re not the most reliable observer of your own life and circumstances.

Have you noticed that something you once loved & adored and cherished has begun to feel like a burden, a weight, or something you just want to burn down to the ground, the sooner the better?

Your soul business or career.

Your leadership.

Your friendships.

Your romantic relationship (or desirability in dating.)

Your exercise/movement regime.

Your creative pursuits.

All bleerrrghh.

And you’re completely flummoxed as to how you got here?

Pause. Take a deep breath. Sigh it out. Tune in.

“We don’t see things as they are. We see things as we are.” (Anais Nin.)

When you come up and bump against these sensations within your body and feelings of hopelessness — it’s likely nothing to do with the thing you’re observing.

It’s likely due to your energy levels and personal frequency dropping so low that you can no longer see or feel the truth of any of it.

And you begin to tear at these aspects of your reality like THEY’RE THE THINGS THAT ARE WRONG WITH YOUR LIFE.

When actually, everything is going to look wrong with your life when you’re in this state.

Which is why there are now certain times when I won’t let myself make decisions about ANYTHING: like the day or two before my bleed drops in (the luteal phase of the menstrual cycle).

Or when I inadvertently hold the collective trauma field too close and I let it drop my energy into a downward spiral of grief and despair.

Or when I’ve had upsetting news, or an odd encounter that’s left me bamboozled, shocked, or in reaction mode.

Any time I observe my energy has dipped super low: I know I will not be seeing things as they are – nor am I open to the limitless possibilities available.

And so I rest, allow myself to be held, and rebuild my resources back up to high levels & OVERFLOW.

And it’s only FROM HERE that I allow myself back into communion with all I hold dear.

Because I won’t sh*t all over my life, just because I’m viewing it from a certain energy level.

Maybe you feel the same?

Are we the narrator of our lives? The fail-safe observer? Unfortunately, that isn’t true. When things feel hopeless, the best thing you can do is – become aware. Bask in the present and observe without judging.

Don’t make it wrong.

Don’t self punish.

Allow yourself to be in that state. Allow yourself some grace. Pause. Just be in a state of pure self-compassion  and love.

The most crucial thing is to REST. 

Be in the space and trust that being a compassionate observer will allow you to gather the energy required to move back to the direction of your overflow.

You’ll come back to these things with a far more refreshed state and a different perspective. 

Any decisions you make from that point will not have such a huge charge or trigger. 

You can make decisions to complete and move on from things without projecting. 

Remember that the energy you bring to the circumstance is what you’ll end up feeling about that circumstance. 

Tip: Create a list of the things that bring you out of contraction and as soon as you feel that your energy is dipping again, bust out that list. Go through it and allow it to move you back to overflow.

Be present to whatever is occurring. 

Allow yourself to feel it. Move through the practices you know help to elevate you back up to your most alive state. 

From there, you’re  already on your way back into a far more energised, limitless, quantum-accessing space.

In this episode of the Lead With Your Light Podcast

When things you cherish become a burden [2:12] 

The problem when you’re in a state of low energy or contraction [4:41]

What I do whenever I notice my energy dipping super low [6:19]

What these dips and rises really allow us to know and have  [9:06] 

What you can do and what to be aware of when you’re feeling hopeless [11:25] 

The most crucial thing that you can do when you’re in this state [12:31]

A few more helpful tips and tricks for you to consider and get back on an upward spiral and into overflow [16:01]

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When Everything Feels Hopeless - Try This. — Carly Stephan