Have You Ever Googled This?

It’s one of the most googled topics on the internet.

No, not the Stranger Things Season 5 release date… how to manifest.

Because we all want a quick-fix formula for bringing our desires into being.

But I hate to break it to you – if there was just *ONE* way, humanity would absolutely be living their dream collective lives, and I would get to be watching the new Stranger Things around about now.

Each of us as individuals is beautifully complex, with many layers to our bodies, that also exist on different dimensions and there is no one-size-fits-all for every human.

We each come into the world shaped by a very specific set of unique circumstances (all in service to your soul’s learning ultimately) that won’t respond to that ‘one magical thing’ every time.

(Skilled energetic practitioners will however be able to tell you where the flow is diminished, and help guide you into a clearer path.)

What I can give you though, is how the codes of creation flow (and where we often cut ourselves off from them) as I’ve come to know them, witness them, and still clumsily get wrong from time to time:

– Creation’s invisible forces are constantly flowing energy at all of us, ready and are willing to co-create at the drop of a hat – instantly flowing in the direction we consistently focus on.

– Our natural (everyday) experience of magical experiences is dependent on the amount of light and energy we can allow into our fields and bodies. It makes things run more smoothly and creates the kind of synchronicity that makes your mouth fall open in awe (this is where the importance of increasing your inner light quotient, and capacity to run energy through your body is crucial!). If we don’t have enough energy – organising a higher picture and potential for our lives (and others) isn’t possible.

– Our state of mind helps direct our focus and funnel it into conscious co-creation (this is where our beliefs about our self, life, others, and the nature of existence comes into either help or hinder us).

– The capacity of our nervous system to receive beyond what you’re comfortable receiving – which means increasing the amount of light that can pass through it (chiropractors call these blockages ‘subluxations’ aka blocking of the light). This is the interface between the field of light that surrounds us, and whether we can bring it down into an anchored reality – our bodies WILL stop things arriving if it doesn’t feel safe). Our collective and individual traumas reside here, receiving signals from our physical body (and back and forth, pinging).

– The more we amplify our light and energy – the stronger our magnetic PING in the field. This signal is what naturally draws our desires to us like a magnet – it organises all of the iron filings for us, instead of us having to go out there and pick each one up individually!

– Getting comfortable with the uncomfortable, and surrendering to deep transformation when it appears with very real circumstances that look like ‘it’s all going wrong’. The most potent alchemy happens here. And yes it comes in the form of very UNCOMFORTABLE experiences. But there’s always inevitable richness and clarity when you allow it to have its way with you (promise).

– Respecting divine timing. You may be completely aligned and lit up with all of the ingredients needed to ensure a smooth slipstream of manifestation into the physical – and sometimes the great weaver of destiny will require a period of linear time for everything to line up (which can feel interminably long, I know). How we are with ourselves during this time though, is CRUCIAL. Are you beating yourself up, or projecting your lack of progress onto others? Or can you trust that what’s happening right now is leading to something deeper, more potent, and far richer than you can even imagine? And that if it’s not available to you right now, there must be a good reason for this.

Because – manifestation of love, multi-dimensional wealth, opportunities, impact, elevated life experiences – all of it IS a natural by-product of existence.

But we also came here for the grit and the mess of a third-dimensional experience, knowing that our souls wanted to learn so much more and that we learn the most when we experience contrast.

A final tip? Manifesting your desires can’t just be about you – there’s not enough energy in one puny (yet important!) desire. This doesn’t mean you don’t also receive – but your desire, your intention needs to be connected to a bigger why – a bigger level of service for the collective WE than just the self.

When you achieve your desire – how will this impact the world? How will you help guide others to do the same?

Then – you’re firing on all cylinders, ready to soar.

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