The Surprising Requirements of a Quantum Leap

I often ask myself: what’s the MOST FUN THING I can do in my business right now?

(Put that one in your pocket for later, trust me – it’s one I ask my clients A LOT and it lights their soul business fields up with joy!)

What would bring me such joy that it feels effortlessly exciting to offer the world?

Effervescently enlivening for those I’m here to serve?

Deeply in service to my legacy and distributing MORE LIGHT to humanity?

And squeeeeee, I have something SO FUN FUN FUN to share with you!

It was inspired by a nugget I received from my mentor Donny the other day (holy shiz the fields of possibility and epic energy I’ve unleashed diving into a high-level year-long energetic mentorship container… is astonishing and extraordinary!).

He spoke a truth that I KNOW so deeply in my bones, but it hit me in what felt like an even deeper place – at a cellular level:

‘There is no energy for change or transformation in a concept, only in experience. Understanding will not bring you to an experience – but an experience can help you understand. And experience with the right energy becomes KNOWING.”


Couple this nugget with the requirements of creating extraordinary amounts of energy that results in an ACTUAL Quantum Leap and you have some deep magic.

Can you guess what these Quantum Leap requirements are?

Impeccable confidence? Over-flowing self esteem? Being totally extra on social media?


You ready?

The requirements for unleashing extraordinary amounts of energy in the world are:

– Discomfort

– Instability

– And a bit of Fear thrown in for good measure.


Not only are none of these impediments to your leaps – they’re f*cking NEEDLE-MOVING REQUIREMENTS for unleashing your extraordinary service and impact on the field, and on the world at large!

There are A LOT of misconceptions floating around the online business world – about what it takes to make a ripple in the field with your words, your message, your soul work.

That it needs to involve hectic hustle, burnout, or adherence to some weird capitalist or patriarchal obsession with always being ON and performing for the masses, or with the greed and narcissism dial turned up to 11 (yuuuuuccckk).

But there are ways to work in the world that you can affect people so deeply, they instantly shift when they interact with you – and they just KNOW they need to be in your orbit.

They know they need to learn more from you.

They know they need to experience the codes of what you’ve embodied.

And they want to PAY YOU in a sacred energetic exchange to help them FULLY RECEIVE these codes.

Which is why I’m SO EXCITED to spill the secrets about the true needle movers you need to make this kind of impact on your soulmate clients AND quantum leap in your soul business – with:

Your Quantum Light Business Pop-Up Mastermind!

Experience the magic of the light bulb AHA moment that leads you to inspired action and creates:

– An email (or two) that generates $10,000+*

– A program idea that leads to your next six-figure launch*

– The next inspired pivot in your business that launches you into a higher stratosphere of impact*

– An injection of magical inspiration that blooms into a viral social media post – leading to an enormous influx of new clients*

– A syncronicity-filled and easeful creation of a soulmate team to support your work*

– Clients turning up out of nowhere and signing themselves up to work with you*

(*All of these are regularly experienced by me / my clients.)

Join me and an amazing crew of soul-aligned babes as we dive into Seven Days of Quantum Light Business Foundations.

We’ll co-create a coherent field of quantum magic for EVERYONE to benefit from (we’re rippling out into the world, baby!).

And the best part? I’m SO here for you to fully back your SOUL YES if this container calls to you, that I’m doing something super fun with the pricing.

This pop-up Mastermind is worth over $2300.

The aligned price point I felt called to place it at is: $333

But if you’re IN and secure your spot before we begin on Wednesday 20 October – it’s just AUD $77!

I want you to experience the sensation of quantum codes instantly showering down upon you in your field as you follow your heart leap all the way through to DONE and IN and I’m SO HERE FOR THE SERVICE MY LEGACY IS CALLING FOR.

Initiating those quantum codes straight away and placing yourself IN THE EXPERIENCE of it.

I’m so excited for YOU! For US! And for the quantum field and the infinite possibilities that lie before us!

Can you feel it? Come join! https://carlystephan.com/your-quantum-light-business/

I love you!