Episode 7: How to Supercharge Your Desires with Momentum from the Universe

It can be super comforting to think that all of our desires are automatically supported by the forces of the universe and that they each have a momentum of their own, once you release them out to the world.

On one level, that can be true, but we’re going deeper into some quantum concepts today so that you can supercharge your desires so that you’re working with the forces of creation. Not against them. 

There’s actually a missing piece of knowledge that keeps your desires either *just* out of reach, completely inaccessible or ones that will sew more karmic energy into the quilt of your life.

Wanna know what it is?

It’s *WHY* you desire it.

No – this isn’t the Simon Sinek style ‘start with your why’ mindset shiz.

This is whether your desire is supporting your reach for inhabiting higher levels of possibilities for yourself, or if your desire exists because you’re trying to escape feeling ‘less than’.

Do you want soul business success because: deep down you feel insecure and need to be seen as significant, worthy, and successful by your peers, family, clients, and the world?

Or do you want soul business success because you have an insatiable desire to contribute your talents and focused energy towards bringing MORE epic levels of joy, understanding, peace, light, and love to the world, in a way that only you can?

Do you want an abundance of wealth because you don’t want to be poor?

Or do you want abundance so that you can grow and circulate cash money for amazing possibilities of investment for the betterment of our planet, and life-affirming growth in your life and the lives of others?

One more example… 

Do you want a romantic partner to escape your loneliness and finally feel desired and loved?

Or do you want a romantic partner to co-create wild possibilities and visions with, to contribute to and support their highest potential and have them do the same for you and your legacy?

Can you feel the energetic difference in these propositions?

I hope so!

One of these is NOT supported by the creative forces of the universe and the other one is. (I hope you can guess which!)

But why??? I hear you ask.

Because your soul in all its impeccable high-level wisdom knows that you didn’t come here to just be tossed about by your survivalist, base instincts.

So it’ll keep making it harder and harder to live a life that is bound up in you trying to ESCAPE something, and nudge your dreaming in the direction of the MORE that you are so capable of.

And oftentimes, WAKE UP CALL, our desire to escape our ‘less than’ states actually originate from our culture field – which requires us to box tick in order to be ‘safe’. And they aren’t even our ACTUAL DESIRES.

Cripes – think about that…

Perhaps it’s just been inculcated into you since birth as something that you should naturally desire.

Perhaps something you thought you desired was really just a template you inherited from your culture… but in your highest, most lit-up-from-within-self isn’t actually a true desire at all.

Wild, isn’t it?

How the mechanics of the orientation you take towards something actually AFFECT YOUR ENTIRE REALITY and how things move for you in your world.

I want everyone to know this stuff. Because I want us to stop expending energy on the small thinking, the less-than desires, and truly initiate ourselves into the impact we’re here to make!

Now, I’d love for you to take a moment and scan your life, your field, your mind… and think of one or two examples of deep-seated desires — something that you’re aiming to get. 

When you have them in your awareness, feel into whether these desires inspire you to escape from something or if they support your highest potential. 

Is it something you TRULY desire or is it something that you think you’re EXPECTED to desire? 

How you can reorient these desires so that you’re working with the forces of creation?

Because if you maintain desires for the sake of appeasing some “less-than” state, you will keep on recreating that state. Even if you tick a box or achieve something, the situation that you’re trying to escape from is still going to remain.

And so the invitation here is to sink into the knowing that in grabbing for that higher desire that supports your highest timeline, you won’t even need to worry about that less-than concept or of this smaller-minded you.

Remember, you are always magnificent, divine, and capable. 

You are always going to light the world up in the way that only you can. This was never up for debate. 

I hope you allow these words to sink in. That you play around with your desires and be curious. There’s no need to berate yourself around doing things “correctly”.

This is just a small tweak that you can make towards shifting to your true desires. It’s simply a matter of running the desires through this little check to see if they’re really yours and if they’re supporting and energising you into your legacy.

Allow yourself to dream big and let those desires take on a life of their own because the momentum will be there. And it will be fully supported by the universe and by the forces of creation when you are stepping into these higher realisations.

I hope this helps you be able to lead with your light in whatever you feel deeply called to do.

In this episode of the Lead With Your Light Podcast

  • Questions to ask yourself to help you feel the energetic differences [2:49]
  • Where the desire to escape our ‘less than’ states actually originates from [6:08]
  • My goal for this episode and how this knowledge can help you & the impact that you want to make in this world [7:34]
  • My challenge for you [8:25]
  • What happens if you keep desires to just appease a less-than state [10:26]
  • Who you TRULY are [11:15]

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How to Supercharge Your Desires With Momentum From The Universe — Carly Stephan