The next-level group mentoring program for light-beam babes who are so ready to be part of a movement to activate and embody their light-bodies, while also revelling in the company of other amazing frequency-shifting women!


The Luminous container is for you if you’re ready to claim a very unreal life. Which is NOT FOR EVERYONE. This is very much ONLY for the called ones, the ones who feel like the ‘ordinary’ life you’re supposed to be thrilled about living, actually feels like a scratchy, ill-fitting dress that’s pinching you in all the wrong places.

You’re ready to shimmy that sucker off, post-haste – and step into one that lets you BREATHE, FEEL & BE your most luminous self, daily – and feeling your vibrant light anchored deeply in your body.

In The Luminous you’ll learn how to consistently amp up your inner light quotient (how much light your energetic field holds), fine-tune your frequency, and deftly ride the waves of density as they release during these times of deep global shifts and energetic intensity. 

Using the process of embodying and energising your personal light grid (my channelled process), you’ll be decommissioning from the old paradigm stories of ‘how life is’: burnout, depletion, martyrdom, being a slave to the grind, exhaustion, feeling despondent, hopelessness, always expecting the worst, protecting and hiding yourself, and instead: consistently re-orienting to AND energising the truth of living a life beyond your wildest dreams: unconditional joy, embodied ecstasy, over-flowing abundance, highest potentials realised – you become the person people ‘just want to be around’ because you’re a transformational portal of light with frequency-shifting power! 

You become naturally magnetic to your highest desires.

The Luminous is here so that you know you don’t have to do this paradigm-shifting work alone:  you can feel fully supported and held by like-hearted and loving soulies who are on the same path as you. 

The Luminous container has been coded personally by me to bring you consistent and gentle reminders of your innate divinity, your luminosity and to always guide you back into the pristine knowing of your limitless power – until this happens on autopilot for you, daily.

This program is designed to be a supportive environment for you on your awakening journey, based on processes I’ve honed, tried and tested on myself and hundreds of clients – with amazing results.

It’s your safe place to land – and to energetically expand!

This group mentoring program is all about getting you out of your head and into your heart – deeply embodied, so you FEEL super connected to your own lusciousness, and internally LIT UP.

Doing this kind of lightwork can lead to all kinds of AMAZINGNESS in a woman’s life. 

You tap into your innate superpowers, always oriented towards your highest light, and are frankly never the same again.

Embodying your light can and will:

  • Create utter MAGNETISM, your inner light shines so bright that you become a literal beacon to call in your soul peeps and desires with absolute ease (it will shock you).
  • Amplify your potency and lusciousness – it connects you to your body in a way you’ve likely never felt before (the richness you can tap into is immense).
  • Tap you deeper into your intuition and your inner guidance system (you can hear and sense it much more clearly).
  • Increase your inner light quotient (how much light you hold, as opposed to density) – so you FEEL lighter, brighter, and more at ease.
  • Enhance your clair-abilities (clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience and claircognisance) so that you begin to experience more of the world’s magic – seeing and sensing other dimensions, guides and perspectives you never knew existed.
  • Help you energetically influence the world around you, rather than it constantly influencing you (and dragging you off course all the time).
  •  Tap you into living in the fifth dimension – which is a place you create inside yourself and beam out into the world (yes, 5D is not somewhere you go – it’s who you are!)

You also know that living a light-filled life is not a quick fix, it’s not an overnight realisation or peak experience where you’re forever changed and don’t need to do any more work to stay in alignment.

You know that consistent commitment to your light, and complete availability for your next-level life requires a daily commitment and that you will fumble and falter along the way (because we are delightfully human AF beings). And there is no spiritual bypassing your way through.

 There will be:

An Illuminating 8-month Journey with a monthly transmissions that deep dive into the full embodiment and activation of your personal light grid (within your body)

Group energy balances and activations

Regular journal prompts for deep internal enquiry

Learning how to grid out your future timelines and weave the energy of your wildest dreams 

The option to be paired with an accountability partner/soul sister on your awakening journey

Monthly training resources to amp up your inner light quotient (including audio recordings, so less screen time!)

Monthly transmission & group-coaching call, on Zoom

Access to discounted 1:1 sessions and offerings of mine (the ONLY way to get one-off sessions with me)

A Monthly Q&A Hour of Power around specific topics pertinent to you

Ample space and time to locate and connect with your new soul besties

Opportunities to be seen, heard and held in a loving and safe environment.


This is for you if:

You know you’re here to help the current paradigm shift to New Earth – in a way that is uniquely suited to you.
You want to thrive and be energised in every aspect of your life – not merely ‘get by’ and live a cookie-cutter life.
You’re SO ready and willing to claim your light in the world and shine it brightly – in full energetic sovereignty.
You want to make consistent progress towards amping up your inner light quotient, with gentle accountability built-in.
You’re ready to live an incredibly unreal life – creating new earth within yourself first, and then seeing it emerge in your external world.
You want to rock light-filled self care practices that are going to support you to have supercharged, overflowing energy for all areas of your life.
You resonate with my work and are so keen to dive in a bit deeper!

 This is not for you if:

You’re stuck in victimhood and are unwilling to take a self-empowered approach to your awakening journey.

You do not flourish in group environments and drown in envy and self pity when others celebrate wins.

You have a tendency to spiritually-bypass situations in order to not feel discomfort.

You are experiencing acute trauma that is best treated by a psychiatrist, psychologist or counsellor.

You need deep and intimate guidance specific to YOUR awakening journey – my 1:1 Illuminate Mentoring Program is more suitable for your needs.

You’re looking to receive specific soulful 5D Soul Business guidance and expertise mentoring to take your soulful business to the next level – my STELLARmind Mastermind is more suitable for you. 


  • 8 Months of cellular frequency upgrades – you will feel the shift as soon as you say YES to this (Value $5000) 
  • Anchor Your Light Program Content and Activations (Value $5000) 
  • A Private Facebook Group for our livestreams, Q&A Calls, and soul-bonding with your new besties (Value $3500) 
  • Monthly Recorded Group Coaching Calls on Zoom (Value $3000) 
  • Group Energy Balances and activations (online) (Value $2200)
  • A 10% Discount on all of Carly’s Programs while you’re a participant ($100s/$1000s)
  • The first 3 babes to enrol will receive a 30 minute 1:1 Activate & Align Session with Carly ($195)
  • 2 x Half Day-Virtual Activations ($1500)
  • You’ll be privy to the tools, processes and techniques I use to energise and orient to my highest light – self-care, relationships, health, energy integrity and flow. (Value $1200)


TOTAL VALUE: Over AUD $21,000 in value – for far less than 1/6th of this total.

PLUS – sign up now and get immediate access to these BONUSES!

  • Luscious Luminosity Audio Series (Value $200)
  • Enrol before the end of Friday June 11 and you’ll receive a 30 minute 1:1 Activate & Align Session with Carly ($215)



To begin with we’re doing a HUGE CLEAR OUT and energetic releasing of what gets to go – all that’s not supporting you to be living as your highest self – and your very best life. We’re clearing the decks on every level, and creating a bright and sparkly foundation to build upon! We’ll also be focusing on activating our personal light grid in the lower part of our legs and feet in this first month – earthing and grounding!


We’ll be diving deep into the most lusciously pleasure-filled month ever here! This is all about re-juicing and shifting our frequency to orient in the direction of what brings us most joy – when so many influences want us to keep swimming in a soup of our own fear. This is a truly revolutionary transmission. We’ll be experimenting with practices, rituals and techniques that bring us into rapid communion with deeply sensual embodiment. This month we’ll be moving our personal light grid activation focus to our entire leg region.


This month we’re training our nervous system to expand its bandwidth and capacity to hold more light – and be resourced to ride the waves of our current earth times. YES – it’s entirely possible to not spiral into desperate anxiety every day, and our nervous system is SUCH an important element of our capacity to hold our light. It’s our own personal bridge between the worlds of earth and spirit. Let’s get yours rocking! We will also be moving our personal light grid activation focus into our hips and pelvic floor region.


This month we’re diving into fine-tuning your frequency with a whole heap of light-filled, cutting-edge energy practices. We’ll be bringing a whole heap of light into your energy field and body – and you’ll learn the practices I use to supercharge my own energy field on a daily basis – be prepared to blow peeps away with your GLOW. We’ll also be moving into focusing on the personal light grid points in your spinal cord and central column of your body. 


With light comes density releases and the shadow (what we’ve been hiding from within us) tends to appear in our lives around now. Rather than fear it and repress it, this month we’re learning how to turn it into gold, and move through it with grace and compassion for ourselves – rather than contraction and fear. This is THE ULTIMATE in true self care and self love – not bypassing our pain or latent trauma and instead learning how to resolve and integrate it into the fullness of who we are. Our personal light grid activation will move into the shoulders and arms this month.


Once we’ve created an inner balance and sacred union with our inner light and inner shadow – we’re able to welcome in a life of depth and capacity to be ALL OF OURSELVES, without apology. From this place we can begin to learn what it means to live a life of true richness – giving to our world from our energetic fullness and overflow. You’ll be reconnecting to your innate access to abundance, which was never EVER conditional (we humans just made it so). We’ll be focusing on our heart and higher heart in our personal light grid activation this month.


This month we’ll be attuning our capacity to receive – which will be a combination of activating our potent magnetism, embodying the energy of the feminine (an energy that exists in all humans, not just women) and learning how to allow and become an energetic match to our dreams and desires. We’re going into mastery levels of receiving – far beyond what’s traditionally taught by ‘manifestation’ teachers. We’ll be focusing on our throat and neck in our personal light grid exploration and activation this month.


Once we’re re-energised, we can begin to activate into our broader purpose and service in the world – this month you’ll be invited to use your juicy, luminous and luscious self to focus on what you want to energise and see more of in this world: align with your powerful purpose, serve humanity with your unique gifts, start a movement? The choice is yours! Your clarity and light will be epic to behold! We’ll be focusing on our head and crown for our personal light grid activation for this final month.

Are you IN? Spaces are capped - so doors will close when we reach capacity. We begin on the 28th of June 2021!

I anticipate that from this investment you’ll see your energetic wealth pay you dividends for years to come – backing yourself by investing in fine-tuning your frequency and super-charging your energy in such a supportive container is a massive catalytic step in activating the next-level of who you’re here to be and how you’re here to serve our world.



It’s lovely to meet you, hon! I’m Carly Stephan

I’m a speaker, coach, mentor and intuitive guide to soulful leaders, visionaries and creatives. I work with women like you who absolutely KNOW you’re here to leave a dent in the universe – in the shape of yourself in your highest LIGHT – but you may need your butt gently and lovingly kicked into the next level you know you’re ready to inhabit.

My life’s mission is to be the living example of living a light-filled / fifth dimensional life and help initiate and ignite the brilliant luminosity that already exists within each human soul who desires to serve our world with their unique gifts.

I firmly believe we’re all currently seeding the next paradigm of existence on our earth right now – and it’s about time you became a portal of transformation and light, just by BEING WHO YOU ARE – fulfilled in your own presence, with a fine-tuned frequency, weaving magic effortlessly in our world.

Are you IN? I'm excited to do this with you!