Episode 17: REAL TALK: Revealing Behind-The-Scenes of an Up-level in Biz & Life

There is no person in this world who doesn’t fear everything falling away into a giant collapse: losing their income, going into debt, or ‘failing’ in some huge way. So many of us say no to opportunities, training, coaching sessions, and masterminds because they come with a price tag and commitment – but at what soul and quantum-level cost? In this very special episode (and a Lead with Your Light podcast first! An interview!), I am joined by Kate Darnell, who is an energetic practitioner, soul guide, mentor, and a beloved client and colleague of mine! We talk about the gritty behind-the-scenes reality of a life and business up-level, what the needle-movers of her quantum leap have been, why she initially said “no” to working with me, what moved her into saying yes (clue: it wasn’t a sales conversation or overcoming objections!), and the benefits that she’s been reaping after listening to that soul yes! Tune in!

In this episode of the Lead With Your Light Podcast, we cover:

  • The conditions necessary for an up-level quantum leap – and how Kate knew she was ready for it [4:34]
  • Understanding spiritual bypassing and how we sneakily downgrade our possibilities in the name of intuition [12:12]
  • What gets left on the table when you don’t choose what your soul knows is right for you? Can you afford to leave these things behind? [16:28]
  • What does it take to live life at this level, to live in that space of calibrating to the reality of a quantum existence? Is it all sunshine and rainbows? [22:25]
  • How to get the support to have your own experience of an up-level, in your own business and life! [40:35]


Carly: Hello, beautiful humans. Today I have my first guest on the Lead with Your Light podcast, Madame Kate Darnell. You are the first!

Kate Darnell: Carly, I love going first and I love being here on the Lead with Your Light podcast! Thank you for having me.

Carly: Such a pleasure! Everyone, if you haven’t met or heard of Kate Darnell, she is a precious client and colleague of mine, energetic practitioner extraordinaire, mentor, and coach based in central mid-north coast.

Kate: The universe and beyond.

Carly: I was going to say: and in the quantum and far beyond, there, like, frankly. This is the product of a couple of… we’ve had two Insta lives happen in the last couple of weeks and for whatever magical reason, they haven’t uploaded onto Instagram. So we decided we are going to create a beautifully light filled, golden podcast, so that all of the magic is kept within a beautiful container.

Kate: Yes.

Carly: So, yes. The aim for this is to really have a conversation around the kind of ins and outs and the behind the scenes of what you don’t necessarily see in somebody’s up-level. We can call it a quantum leap, we can call it an upgrade, the next step in your evolution. But what I really think is super valuable, and Kate is just so ripe for this at this point in time, this discussion, because in the last nine months, what I’ve witnessed in her journey has been just profound and it’s such a beautiful example of exactly that. The quantum leap. The calibrating to it. The staying there and kind of the back end of it is just as beautiful as the front end. And I want everyone to know that. Right? Because what people would see on the outside and maybe that’s like, with anyone that you follow in whatever space you are interested in, regardless of the industry, you see the beautiful rebrands, the amazing photos, the up-level in communication, the real sort of forthright — the different energy.

Wow. I’ve got to pay attention to this. What’s going on here? And you see all of that and then you start to think, oh, that’s fine for that person because of X, Y and Z. And you reference it like, oh, yeah, well, that person has all of this confidence and this whatever already. And it’s natural to them and innate, but behind the scenes: it’s not all neat and tidy and it’s not all easy. And that’s what I really wanted to speak to today. 

So thank you for coming on, Kate. And I want to just start with: where were you this time, like, 9-10 months ago? Before we started working together, where were you at?

Kate: So where was Kate Darnell at? I was in my 5th nearly 6th year of a beautiful, soul-led business and I was having a great time. However, I was still relying quite heavily on external revenues of income that came under the umbrella of my business. But very much I was writing a bit of a story that I needed that other sort of mainstream work to help me be where I was at. Whilst on the other side of that, in my happy place in my coaching and energetic work and all my beautiful empowering work was literally telling people that they didn’t need that. 

I was living in this contradiction of loving what I do and supporting others to do that. But I was putting this cap on it by telling a story that you can only generate an income through these other juicy ways where you’re not entirely yourself. 

Now, about the same time when I met Carly I was sort of downloading a body of work which was all to do with living your wholeness and living your brilliance. And there was something a bit icky going on within me, because I felt like I was ready for this upgrade and I was seeking more. But I was also very convinced that I could get there on my own. 

So when a dear friend and colleague sent me a link to join a pop-up mastermind with the beautiful Carly, I was all in. I didn’t even blink. It just felt so right, and rich, and golden for me. But then, of course, we got into the nitty gritty of like oh, what this is saying and what this is offering me as far as up-levelling in my business and ultimately going oh my gosh, like what a beautiful way to spend a week, Carly’s hosting these beautiful pop-up masterminds. But I wouldn’t be able to do that in my business because I’ve got these things, I need that income from those other places. 

So again, writing these stories and suddenly these opportunities to work further with Carly or insert whoever you’re divinely aligned with in that moment, was feeling so good and right and like such a ripe whole body soul — YES! But the other side of that was this tension of how could I possibly do that? But I need that other work. And my work is already going at a pace that is totally divine and exactly as it needs to be.

Which, yes, it’s always going at a pace that’s totally divine and exactly as it needs to be. But our mind can come in there and cap that and make you think that where you’re at is enough. 

And so I was in this nitty gritty of how could I invest in anything for me in my business that’s beyond a little snippet, a little taster? That’s not for me. I can get there on my own. Like oh, I wouldn’t possibly be able to tell my husband that I’m spending this much on my business. And so there was all of this doubt, yet the yes was already done. My body had already said this is so right and good and true for you and for your business. But the resistance, the glorious tension which we all need for that leap — it was like I had cement in my boots. 

I was so stuck in saying yes to me and making that leap into my business, and I can get emotional thinking about the difference where that beautiful woman would have continued to do, and to serve, and to feel good, and to have a beautiful life. But there was this cap that my soul knew I didn’t have to live within. I didn’t have to be in this realm of this is enough. And there’s one thing to actually know it, and then there’s another thing to start living it and start saying whole body yeses time and time again to what you’re truly worthy and deserving of. And ultimately that’s what I did to bring me into saying yes, to investing and backing myself in such a way that I get to be guided and energetically supported beyond this world, the 3D, a business that was capped, that was sitting pretty around the oh yeah, I can charge for GST now. Great, I’d done a really great job. But I thought that was as good as it was going to get. And so much of the collective, you know, the obligation, the responsibility of that 3D linear timescale was telling me to be happy with that. But my soul was aching for this leap into the quantum and beyond and I’m just so happy I said yes.

Carly: Amazing! And it’s funny because I think what you’re speaking to there is like a very beautiful, nuanced perspective of what it is to obviously know that you are able to, as a businesswoman, or entrepreneur, or soulful energetic mentor, or whatever it is, finding your way is exactly what you’re meant to be doing. You’re pioneering new ways of being in the world. So yes, finding a way is a great thing. 

But then when you come across something that feels like a soul aligned yes where it’s like oh my gosh, I can feel this time-space collapsing. And I’m experiencing in this now moment the possibilities of what it is to just collapse on space and in nine months have an entirely different trajectory of career and whole other level of experience and life that possibly wouldn’t have come for maybe another handful of years or whatever, right? You can put it off and you can put it off, but it will wear at you. And the yes that you ended up saying was after we had a half day together, right? Because that was like you were convinced that it was like, I’m going to just go off and do my thing. And I think sometimes this is really important to point out as well — all my intuition says. Yes, we respect our intuition. But is it truly intuition when you feel the yes, you feel the soul algin and like, oh my gosh, and then you start to convince yourself out of it, like, oh, that’s not intuition?

Kate: That’s a story. That is a full blown spiritual bypassing when the true intuition was, I’m already in before I even knew it existed. And this is the magic of living from soul, is that when we fully embody that and live it this lifetime, it’s just so much easier. This is why this conversation is so important, because I had that hard experience and everyone will have their own version of whatever their hard or difficult challenging experience is to say yes. But my goodness, I was like, hey, Carly, I’m totally in. Oh, actually, I feel like I need to go away and do some writing first. Carly was beautiful about that. Okay, whatever you need to do. You have said yes. Like, your soul said yes. Or maybe if we can do this. Okay, well, we can try that if you want. Or maybe I’m feeling this. No, my soul wasn’t feeling any of that. My mind was sabotaging a very beautiful, vibrant, whole body, yes. And when you start to acknowledge and live from that place of wholeness and that whole body soul yes, all of a sudden, these stories you’re writing, like, it’s not the right time for me, how could I do that? Like, oh, that’s going to take away from our house savings. I need to buy a house this year. 

We are buying a house this year. All of those things are happening and then some. But that mind, that heavily programmed mind that’s told to sit still, and to overthink, and to overanalyze, and to feel empowered in the decisions we’re making, is actually squashing the energetics of our soul and our fields that wants to be seen, and appreciated, and valued, and living our legacy in our full expression.

Carly: Yes. We had a conversation this week about when you say yes to something, it doesn’t mean you’re saying no to everything else. Right? Because that was a fear that you had, was like, oh, that means that if I do this and I’m not going to have so much time with my kids, I’m not going to be able to afford the house that you’re anticipating buying, et cetera, et cetera. And instead, what you come to see and realise is that when you do absolutely say yes to an energetic and soulful whole-body-heart leap-yes. It becomes yes and yes and yes and yes and yes.

Kate: It really does. And that’s the truth. That is just such a truth. That is such a truth. 

And of course, we literally still had that conversation this week because you slip into those old habits: they die hard and they’re very 3D human because that’s what we are. We’re not these superheroes going, oh, I can take the leap, but you can’t. Like, no, all very, very human, beautiful human beings doing our thing. I slipped into this pattern of, oh, we’re doing that, so I better not do that. And I kicked it up so quickly, Carly, thanks to my lived experience of saying soul yeses, and went, oh, no, hang on, no, if I’m doing that, I’m falling back into that old way of saying I can have this, but I can’t have that. 

And the quantum or the, you know, this 5D, age of golden light, whatever feels good and right for your soul when you’re listening and receiving this. 

The quantum promises win-win. 

The quantum promises win-win. 

Not even a promise, it insists!

It’s not even, like, just not even a word. It’s overflow. It’s exponential. 

Carly: It’s not even just a yes for us, as in, like, you and I in the transaction. It’s a yes for family, it’s a yes for friends, it’s a yes for your communities and far beyond as well. Right? Yeah. And I wanted to speak, let’s just talk, like, in black and white. What are the things that, you know, you would have left on the table had you just gone, oh, look, my intuition says I got to go off and write and be by myself for the next few months and touch base with you because you are like, life has completely shifted and changed for you.

Kate: Completely shifted and changed. And I actually found myself saying yesterday that desire to work less and to earn more in total black and white, like 3D lay it out for people to really receive — that can be a true and real thing. And it’s not like this laptop lifestyle that you have to give someone heaps and heaps of money and you’re actually working heaps, like 24/7. It’s a really true and real, oh, let’s value what I have to share. Let’s deliver in this. You know, my natural orientation is someone who is a very generous human being, so let’s be overgenerous, but within an energetic exchange that feels good and true and abundant for me and who I’m working with. 

So the first thing I would have left on the table is that I was not valuing what I had to offer as an energetic practitioner. So I then again was undercharging, overdelivering, becoming tired and resentful when I would help people write their books, start their businesses, soar off into the cosmos and then sort of feel like I was leaving myself behind because I wasn’t giving myself enough time and nurturing or energy exchange to fully do that.

And so then I’m letting out any residue of resentment, not that I realised I had that, of course, but any residue of resentment or any feeling of I could give them more, but I can’t right now or any feeling of lack is not good for the universe, right? It’s not good for my children, for my family, for my community and the world beyond. And so what I would have been leaving on the table is this stifling constant: I’m not enough to… I can charge a government contract that much for my mainstream work, but I can’t put a similar value on what I actually am here to do, like on the real and true values of what living with energetic awareness and awareness of the fields beyond the 3D. I’ve lived and I knew that, but until I said yes to something like this and stepped into my wholeness in this way, I wasn’t truly embodying it. 

Ironically, I then wasn’t able to bring it into the 3D and put it into the black and the white. So the gift alone in being able to have spaces like this where we can talk even more widely about the thing that comes so naturally to you, which is for me, teaching, and living, and trusting in, and claiming what energetics is this lifetime, this world. Those things want to be seen and heard and received.

And frankly, I would have still been doing these quite surface-level interactions at a low vibration of overdelivering. I might have turned out a book, it would have been okay, but then I would have been looking for the next thing, instead of allowing the books and the creative projects that I’m working on in my own time, all my own time. That’s the best thing! To really just let them be what they need to be whilst also setting up beautiful containers where I get to work with people beginning to end and beyond on what they want to work on, as well as creating these beautiful like my first ever mastermind, which I just didn’t even know I was allowed to give myself permission to do. 

So there’s just been so many golden threads that would have been tied up in a sweet little bow and I would have continued to be very happy. I don’t doubt that I would have had a nice little amount of savings for a nice house, but now, my husband and I get to giggle and bleed at the prospect of buying, like, the nicest house.

Carly: The dream house!

Kate: The one we really want! The dream house. We get to not feel like we’re begging to borrow for a mortgage, but we get to be like, thanks for the generous offer, but we would just like to borrow this much. Thank you. That’s beyond my wildest dreams. So I don’t doubt that I would have done some beautiful things and life would have been fine but I would not have been this happy. I would not have had as much quality time as I have with my friends and my family. I would not be watching my clients leap into their fullness and I certainly would still be seeking.

Carly: What is it, and trying to sort of glean from others, watching how people do it is actually extremely exhausting and it’s not until you sit beside them or come into a container that you actually really see the back end. So what for you have you realised and kind of seen in being in a container — what it takes to live life at this level, to live in that space of the calibrating to the quantum and the energetic? Give us a bit of an idea of the back end of that. What have you realised sitting beside me?

Kate: That’s such a good question. First and foremost, I think we will write a story that it’s these really simple fundamental things that I’ve played in this last year. I’ve shouted from the rooftops how worthy and deserving everyone is and they deserve all they want, right? But until I said yes to allowing myself to receive the love, the support, the what do you want to know? I’ll share that with you. That’s the whole point of these healthy containers that are energy rich and generous. It’s like this suddenly this dollar-for-dollar value thing which drives me absolutely bonkers nowadays. But I used to be the dollar-for-dollar person. I was the person trying to work out like, am I definitely getting my money’s worth? Suddenly it’s like, well, you can’t put a price, like you can’t. That number doesn’t exist when it comes to getting out of your own way and saying yes to you. So just those really simple intricate moments of I am backing me, I’m saying yes to me and then being met with really incredible practical support like, well, what are you really trying to say with that? And have you thought of, you know, using a system that says it this way, or have you felt into why it is that you don’t think that you can create something as valuable as this, and then have an energy exchange that feels energy rich and vibrant and is going to deliver to your people for insert whatever thing you want to do here?

So I think the biggest thing is that again, that capping I was truly still trying to micromanage. And I know you’ve spoken on the Lead with your Light Podcast so much about that. As soon as we default into that micromanagement of who we’re here to be and how we’re here to serve and what that’s going to look like, our soul hates that. Our field hates that the universe can’t fully support us and can’t fully hold us in our greatest, most vibrant light. So I would definitely say, being held by someone else in that level from whoever you feel really for, want a better word, attracted to, like, magnetised towards, ultimately, because they have amazing, pristine, energetic hygiene and to have done the work themselves, saying, note that just a little bit, just a bit blurry and foggy. I love living now with an awareness of my dips in my energy, with an awareness of my field when I’m going internal, when I just need an hour a week, two weeks off to rest. 

Some friends joked the other day and said, oh my gosh, if only you could just have a week off when you’re in your bleed week. And I said, oh, I take a week off leading up to my bleed. And they were like… I just said, no, no, I do the bare minimum in that week because I’m really cranky and irritable and that’s not the time to be recording my podcast or being in space with my beautiful clients. Like, I need to nurture and honour that and where I’m at. And why not? Why not? Why wouldn’t we do that, Carly?

Carly: Right, of course.

Kate: And it was so beautiful for my beautiful friends to hear me say that. Obviously they can’t necessarily go to their workplace and make that change straight away. But they can start to think about what they can do for them and start to see that this is a very real life that I’m living and it just wouldn’t be if I hadn’t honoured that — yes. Spoke to the tension, did a smaller offering with you, where 40 minutes in, I went, oh, I have to do more of this. This is what I’m ready for.

Carly: I am all in.

Kate: I’m all in and I’m still here. I’ve even found my way onto the podcast now.

Carly: Absofreakinlutely.

Kate: Absofreakinlutely! Because I backed that whole body soul yes. And I stopped trying to micromanage. And if you’re in micromanage mode, I love you and I see you and it’s a hard place to be in because you think you’re doing right. You really do think you’re doing right.

Carly: Yeah. And that then taking control and like being master manipulator, that it’s a tendency that we have as humans to create certainty. Right? And that’s a thing. But in order to really access and allow for the energetics and the soul energy to flow in co-creation with you, you have to let go of those reigns. You have to let go of that micromanagement tendency and that is so scary.

Kate:  It’s so scary. But also in my saying yes to these containers as well, what I have learnt is that innate wisdom that was already in me through the experience, through the speaking, through the coaching of hearing things back. What I have learned about my own personal trauma responses and nervous system and the things that I could then take responsibility for: be in a fully energetically, resourced space to go and make sure that I’m looking after my body and I’m doing all these things. Which I was already again on that part. But I could just go to this place where I could be of better service for myself. For my family. For my community. For the world. Knowing that that wisdom was all there. But I’m experiencing it. I’m living it, I’m speaking to it. And I absolutely love now when members of my community go. Oh. When you spoke about the nervous system or when you shared that personal experience of how that was a traumatic response for you and how you cleared that well. And their conversations or their little pieces of their innate wisdom that wouldn’t have been unlocked if I hadn’t stepped out of my own way and said: You know what? I’m just going to do this. Like, I’m writing all these stories, all of these imaginary stories like this will take away from me earning real money or us getting a mortgage. And on the other side of that is just so much joy. So many, like, whoops headbanging moments of that would have been such a shame. That would have been such a shame, yeah.

Carly: Yeah! To have not experienced. And I firmly believe that in those moments where we have those decision making times, we can feel the potentiality. And I think you had already tuned in, like, obviously to this space that you currently inhabit, of this, the time freedom that you have, I can buy whatever house I want, thank you very much, kind of orientation. The time you have with your kids, all of that, and like, the extra tens of thousands of dollars that are now flowing at you and will continue to be a paying asset, you, yourself, and your legacy be a paying asset well into the future. This kind of sensation of realising instead of going, can I say yes to this? It’s the: can I afford to not say yes?

Kate: 100%, yeah! And I have lived that lesson so many times that now when I feel that it’s time to do this, I know it now. But again, we can slip into that very human response and start X, Y, and Z and micromanaging. When we let go of that, oh, gosh, the resistance to just fully letting go, that quantum guarantee, did you know, the best way to describe it is the four card. And the four card is if you take off, keep soaring, and if you take off and as soon as you start to doubt it or micromanage it, ultimately you might land and it’s going to be on rocky ground. I’m just, like, throw the four card into the fire, because it is a limiting programmed belief saying you’re going to fall and it’s going to be on rocky ground. And here in the quantum, it’s like you’re going to leap and you’re going to soar and there’s human experiences of light and dark, but that ground will never be rocky. That ground is another opportunity for another leap. Take that opportunity, and you won’t look back because, well, the only time you look back is when you go, thank goodness I said yes.

Thank goodness. I loved my tender heart, and I acknowledged what I truly needed, and I stepped all in because it was time. And I don’t doubt anyone listening to this recording isn’t ready to back themselves or isn’t ready for the next step or the next level because, well, this is not how we work.

Carly: No, it doesn’t. You wouldn’t be drawn to listen if it wasn’t something that was in your field, if it wasn’t something that was beckoning for your consideration, and that sort of starting to taste it. And I think that part of what is really important in this whole kind of creating a capacity and bandwidth to say yes to yourself is allowing for your nervous system to alchemize the consideration of a leap, right? And that actually involves your system. It depends on, obviously, there’s a whole world of energetics and literacy around it, and both Kate and myself are practitioners in this space, and so I like to just make sure that I’m ground truthing for people who maybe don’t have as much of that vocab. But it’s like there’s a lot of this unseen energetics that happen that I want to speak to because it’s when you come up against someone else’s field and you interact with their field. So that is through their free offerings or through their socials or their list or whatever it is. And you feel a resonance. There’s usually something on the other side of that that person has personally alchemized that their nervous system and the bandwidth of their capacity to experience other levels of life.

We’re talking more like dimensional levels and like, sort of fifth dimension: the quantum. That that has actually happened for them. And there’s a part of you that’s actually really desiring it for yourself. And it’s not this aspirational or a desire to go up-level because I want to get a Chanel bag or whatever it is. It’s not that that you’re recognizing. It’s not necessarily the wealth, riches, abundance piece that you’re recognizing when you say when you’re like, oh, this is something, it’s the code that that person has alchemized. When I say codes again, I’m just trying to watch for my jargon, codes are: it’s like when you’ve sort of mastered a certain tendency in the world or mastered a way of being in the world, somebody is thought to have hatched the codes. Like, the codes are there. So there’s like, I don’t, for instance, doubt in the quantum. There’s many codes that I have. Similarly, anyone that you follow that is of interest to you, coming into that field with them, you will not allow yourself to receive what it is that you are so attracted to in their field and in their way of being until you have created a connection point through some kind of energetic exchange.

That’s a law. That’s an energetic law. 

Something that I remember, like, I think I did my Reiki — it was a while ago. And that was one of the first things we were ever taught in learning how to do energetics is like, even if you’re going to do it for a family member, you have got to agree on an energetic exchange beforehand in order for there to be a receivership, right? So that kind of when you come into contact with that human, even if you can just buy one of their smaller products first, or to have a taste and alchemize and begin to let your nervous system calibrate to what’s possible, like just taking those increments, remembering that we’re all different energetically and we use the term:  internal, external, sometimes cosmic sourced and body and Earth sourced and there’s directional energetics that are observable in the field beyond things like astrology and all that sort of things. Is observable in the field that you need to determine if you are more internal and you’re more watery sourced. Then you need to begin to gradually alchemize. Oh, that feels oh, okay. Yeah, that feels good. And then it becomes less of a mind decision and more of a oh, well, my whole system knows that this is a big guess, right.

Which is something that is not like, you know, if you’re purely working in the mental realm, you won’t even know what that feeling is. You won’t even probably be able to access it. Right?

Just those little tasters. And that exploration is really valuable in those beginning stages. It’s like, just have the taste. I don’t do one-off sessions, but if they do have one-off sessions, go do it. Or if there’s something that they can.

Kate: Carly doesn’t do one-off sessions. But you listen to the Lead with Your Light Podcast and you will get so much. Everyone treat yourself to a half-day.Because even just sitting in this because I have said that yes, and backed it energetically, the codes that Carly speaking to, I’m just like, I just get to bathe in more wisdom, more energetics, more education in what I’m already choosing to live. And that’s just magical. So, yeah, ultimately there are ways that people can get a taster of that with you, but ultimately there’s also masterminds, Carly, that you host.

Carly: Good reminder, Kate.

Kate: It just flowed. People can, I sense for all of those people that have been on that periphery that aren’t backing that soul yes. For whatever level you’re at, if you’re starting to feel that yes, full disclosure, I said no coming up ten months ago, maybe even closer, it’s nearly November. In November it will be twelve months that I said no to doing a mastermind with Carly because I didn’t think that I was worthy of that group. And equally, at the same time, I thought, I can get there on my own. 

Fortunately, in a really amazing roundabout way, I said yes to one-on-one containers, which was an even bigger, better leap for me, but sort of got me stepping out of my previous business, The Gumboots By The Sea and into the Wholeness Of Me with Kate Darnell. So that was a beautiful transformation that I obviously needed to be in that one-on-one container with. But now I’m like, well, I’m really, really ready to be in The STELLARmind and to be in this space where we can take our sole legacy and to be in that higher frequency even further. And that’s not to say you have to cut through the dross to say yes to a mastermind.

Please, you don’t need to do that. I’m very happy and proud, and I will celebrate my journey forever more because that helps me code that in for the people that come into my realm. 

However, if you’re listening to this beautiful human, I’m just going to take it upon myself. I’m just going to take the stage for a moment Carly and let people know that The STELLARmind is an epic space where you will be in an abundant realm of receiving, receiving, receiving, receiving the six plus years, I think, of past content, of beautiful programs, beautiful bonuses. One-on-one time with Carly, you won’t look back. There is no rocky ground. There is only beyond, there is only extraordinary. And the world needs to hear this because I think when humans step out of their own way and move into their soul legacy, what more do we need? 

That is seriously the wish for my two beautiful girls is that they live their soul legacy. Nine and seven, they roll their eyes at me sometimes, but ultimately they want that, too. What a gift that we can give them that, Carly, our listeners, your listeners can hear and receive this and in their own way start to make the shift towards whatever resonates with them.

Carly: Yeah! And claiming more for their soul legacy and asking that question of the: can I afford not to, what does it mean? Does it mean like, a few more years of just like, spinning wheels or kind of wishing and wanting and knowing there’s something more?

Kate: Especially when my babies were little and I was making the choice to be low income so I could be present with my kids and my husband was studying. Making a leap. It may have meant I would have had to go into debt, not to say I didn’t do that for certain programs that I wanted to do. Especially when you get to a point in your career and your soul-led offering. I had the money, it was there, it was still holding on tightly, like I wasn’t going to go into debt. I was writing stories that if I say yes to me, I won’t buy my home or whatever, but all of those imaginary stories that are stopping us from living our wholeness, you start to realise how easy it is, how easy it is to receive more and then share more.

Carly: Yeah. And really take a stand for what you’re here to do. Which is exactly what I’ve seen you do. I mean, even before we’re officially launched into The STELLARmind, like, actually you already launched your own mastermind, so it’s like, Graduate is here as well. And this is, I think, something I’ve also observed, obviously in my previous The STELLARmind members who have launched their own masterminds, right. They would never have considered it as a possibility before.

Kate: I didn’t know. Definitely not.

Carly: And it’s like there are so many codes in the ‘just considering the thing’ and then like saying yes and it propels you into: Heck yes. If I’m part of this already, I can do it too. And realising that possibly you would have either never felt good enough to host a mastermind. Or it might have been several years down the track that you were ready to do something similar.

Kate: And the gift of that, even the recordings I’ve done in my own preparation and bonus work for Graduate have been, see it’s so much easier to speak about you Carly than myself, still, have been such a high vibration because they’re backed by other high vibrations and because they’re backed by the The STELLARmind. There’s like this energetic guarantee that truly couldn’t be there if I hadn’t allowed myself that support, allowed myself to be in that overflow. I really could talk all day about it.

Carly: I know. I want to make one more point because you brought it up the whole, like, I didn’t want to go into debt, and although I did for programs that I really wanted to do, et cetera, et cetera. I wanted to speak to that as a concept and I think also my mentor Donnie has spoken to this as a concept as well, of what it means to be in debt. And our culture kind of sees it as a bit of a no no.

Even though, like, somehow we still hold like this. You must own a house and have a mortgage. Even though debt is bad! Which one is it? Like, are you investing in your future and your family’s future or are you in debt? And like, is that something to be ashamed of, right? So let’s just look at the contradictions that happen now.

This is the thing right? Another money mentor who teaches really like, quite awesome little money mindset programs, Amanda Francis, talks about it being a choice to pay something off over time. She and I worked with the same mentor for a bit, and so I kind of came across her work via my mentor at the time and I thought that is a perfect way of saying it. It’s like, not that we ever need to necessarily go into debt, but if you are, if there is a debt, it’s like, no, it’s just a choice to pay something off over time. And there’s no shame in doing that. I’ve had people join my mastermind in the past and just being like, oh, look, you know, like, I’m a single mother with this and I know I got a business, but I’m not really making the money and I don’t really have all that cash here. But they were like, you know what, I’m going to get an interest free credit card. I’m going to put it on that. And I tell you, it was like, not long after that…

Kate: I have goosebumps!

Carly: Of course, was launched with the energy of, like, I’m doing this. Like, I’m not backing out. This is what I’m here for, my desire. And that credit card’s paid off, like, well within the interest rate period or whatever. And again, to speak to what Donnie actually says about debt is like, well, you know what, all the biggest frigging companies in the world: the Ubers, the Lyft, like you said something about how some of them, I think it was Lyft, the rideshare company in the States, didn’t break even until around the pandemic time. And it’s like they’ve been around for years. It is normalised in so many industries to be running a line of credit or having certain debts that you service or whatever in order to get to a place of overflow, right? It’s like, not that we have to get into the program, but also don’t do it if it’s like, available to you to do something. If you feel like it’s a yes. Friggin a big shift.

Kate: If you feel like it’s a yes, it’s a yes, full stop. But a big shift for me, as I got in control in the past with my money mindset and I’m worthy and, you know, and I did get myself out of debt for the things I did or whatever, and you start to say yes. The overflow, a really big thing for me is what I’ve learned this year is extended payment plans are the best thing ever. And as my clients and I, you know, the program might finish, but they’ve still got this small amount to pay into the future. But every time that comes out, it’s like it’s a happy debt. It’s an energetic high five. It’s a reminder that I’ve got all that content I did, or I should revisit that process that we recorded or that embodiment thing we spoke about, insert whatever your modality is or not modality in my case. And the extended payment plans are something that I didn’t appreciate as such an energetic gift in such an easy way. And so having things like that in place so it can be so powerful, and accessible and also not being afraid to say, like, hey, can we negotiate this kind of payment plan?

Because on the other side of your soul yes, there’s someone waiting to say yes to you and to support you in that. So yes as well. And yeah, I just think that’s nice for people to hear because I had a bit of a prejudgement or I felt like, within that energy exchange, you want to make sure people pay it off within that time so they get the most out of it. Like, oh, no, you want to know what is the greatest gift you can do is keep paying it off. And then you continue to remember the value and the skills and the lessons that you’ve integrated and that’s just really glorious and golden, too.

Carly: Yes, absolutely. There are so many different ways that we can, if it’s aligned, say yes to ourselves and possibilities and considering accessibility, is so important as well. So let’s not demonise or make anything wrong about needing to get in in a way that maybe is like, oh, my God, I don’t just have all that cash up front. 

Kate: Well, actually if we really go back to what led me to Carly, one of my favourite things and courses I ever did, I reactivated a credit card to do that course that led me to my energetic work. Best thing ever. Would definitely do that again. And I did it in secret. I didn’t tell anyone, you know what I mean? Whatever. 

Carly: Exactly!

Kate: It got me to where I needed to get to and what a gift.

Carly: Yes. And could you afford to say no to that? Like, could you afford to not have done that? Right?

Kate: And also it was like a $300 something. Do you know what I mean? It felt so big in the past, wherever you’re at with saying that. So, yes, it might feel so big. Like, that thing felt huge for me at the time, but I definitely couldn’t afford not to. 

Or, you know, I could if I still wanted to be a mainstream drama high school teacher. Not working seven till seven and not seeing my kids and not being present anywhere, that’s the other side of that. But I fortunately need to listen to soul and do better for me and the world.

Carly: And your legacy and your family and everyone is just celebrating you. That you said that yes. Thank you so much for being here.

Kate: Thank you, Carly and Lead with Your Light Podcast. Thanks for having me.

Carly: Such a pleasure. So much love, darling.

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