Activate Your Personal Light Grid!

YESSSSSSS! You can now do the Personal Light Grid Activation as a self-guided process, including a super powerful releasing ritual for you to do beforehand – AND a facebook community for additional support.

Previously you had to be in one of my higher level (read: thousands of dollar bucks) programs to do this process with me 1:1 or as a group.

But last year the Personal Light Grid itself said I WANNA BE OUT IN THE WORLD! And I had to listen.

I created the Personal Light Grid Activation in 2017, after a hospital stay in Nepal left me dissociated and disembodied – and entirely devoid of my light.

Through the process of guiding myself back into my body, I discovered an amazing natural matrix of light anchor points we have, which help energy flow and crisscross and connect from the tips of our toes to the top of our heads.

And I refer to this as your personal light grid!

When we’re not running light through our light anchor points, we become internally stagnant or disconnected, and this can lead to feelings of anxiety, hopelessness and apathy.

Activating your Personal Light Grid wakes these anchor points up and creates a crystalline matrix of light flow through your body, turning on the major and minor energy centres.

When energy flows easily in your body, it creates next-level sensations of inner safety, embodiment, and vibrancy. Winning!

The personal light grid is the foundation stone of my coaching and mentoring modality, it’s a somatic and soul healing tool – and it’s a mega powerful one to have in your toolkit.

And now you can have it! For a super juicy launch price! It should be minimum $597 for what you get (remembering to do it with me costs way more than that), but the launch price isn’t even a quarter of that!

It re-connects your natural flow of energy and restores feelings of inner ease, trust, and safety.

You’ll become the person people ‘just want to be around’ because you’re a transformational portal of light with frequency-shifting power.

It’s time to experience yourself as ecstatic light and joy in motion!