Episode 16: 3 Common Motivation Mistakes That Soul-Led Entrepreneurs Make

Today I want to speak about the types of motivation mistakes that many soulful entrepreneurs make that can lead to burnout and loops of failure. When it comes to creating a soulful business, it might seem like it should be easy, you just do what you do when you set up a regular business and you just slap a bit of soul in there. However, there’s an entirely different perspective that exists on a completely different dimension when it comes to having a thriving soulful business.

The third-dimensional, very limited perspectives of lack that are tied into capitalism, patriarchy, extractive industry, white supremacy, and sexism – all of these old paradigms that we are seeing being ripped apart and are essentially dying quite an insistent death now – these all still have influences in our fields, in our perspectives, and in our bodies, and it’s quite the journey to really unplug from them.

For anyone who has created a business channelling what it is that their soul wants to do in this world, we know that it is not just some sort of business in a box. But we all inadvertently bring along with us these old paradigm perspectives of what it is that we use to motivate ourselves. 

I’m going to use the terms motivate and fuel interchangeably here, and really what I mean is, where do we access the energy from, and how do we use it to really power what it is we are here to do in the world. So I’m going to cover the three major fuel sources that I see a lot of soulful entrepreneurs using, and I’m going to kindly suggest, with a little bit of insistence, that perhaps there are other sources of fuel that will help you to get out of the old paradigms of seeing business to propel you into an entirely different dimension, paradigm, and perspective.

Now, the first common motivation mistake that soulful entrepreneurs make is they go into the business of doing the thing, whatever that is, to prove that they’re a somebody, and definitely not a nobody. This is very much based on that third-dimensional, egoic perspective where we have a big conglomeration of a few people that we hold in our minds – it could be our family members, friends from school, frenemies, whomever else – that we want to prove ourselves to and show we’ve made it. This is actually very separate from finding your purpose or living a soulfully purposeful life, because this fuel is really connected to the more performative aspects of creating a business.

In this case, the motivation to create a perfect persona that is infallible and completely bulletproof begins to take effect, and that is going to quickly land you in a collapsing house of cards. Why? Because you end up creating this persona that’s actually not representing the authentic, well rounded, beautifully, perfectly imperfect you, and you end up needing to heavily curate what it is that you are here to be and do. 

I think we see this a lot in the online space. So much of it is really about proving a certain narrative, that I think we tend to forget the beauty and magnetism around the holistic piece of what a human is and who a human is. When we use this as a motivator, we end up creating a box that we live out of, it’s literally our phones and computers. We think through this tiny little funnel, and we only allow ourselves to act within these bounds. We clip our own wings when we do this. 

You really want to shift your perspective to be less on how you’re perceived online, and so much more about why you’re doing this in the first place. 

What the service you’re here to give to humanity, to the earth, to the environment, whatever your big why, your big vision is, you need to orient yourself to that, and allow for what emerges from you to be the guide as to how you are presenting yourself in the world. 

That is where you get your high octane fuel from, that’s where you begin to do what is truly guided and in alignment with your soul that becomes super powerful fuel, rather than limiting yourself, clipping your wings, and moving from a space that is about how you’re appearing to people. 

Now, it’s a subtle shift, but a really effective leader who is fueling themselves from the high octane source, the real vision, is not struggling constantly to get themselves to do a thing, because they get out of their own way, and put the service to others and what they’re here to do first and foremost, and they actually fade into the background. So there’s not really a need to create or curate whatever perspective, although very naturally, what does appear, on the outside, is that they’re a leader in this space, and they’re doing these wonderful things. 

Another reason why you don’t want to really fuel yourself from this place is that you will be perpetually on the hamster wheel with it. In proving that you’re somebody in order to move away from being a nobody, you actually continue to perpetually do that. You could be the biggest somebody in the world, and yet you still will be running the old negative thought loop in the back of your mind and using that as a motivating fuel. And it’s not objective truth, but that’s just what you will constantly be referring to if you use that as a fuel, so it’s time to stop it. 

The next motivation mistake that soulful entrepreneurs make is trying to do it just for the money. By no means am I dismissing the vast majority of humans’ very basic need to have a job to make money, to make ends meet, to provide for their families. I’m speaking specifically about people who are in soulful businesses, and having businesses like this, you actually really need to exist beyond the paradigms that most people who have businesses exist on. This really does mean that the business has to be more than about making money. The reason this is the case is that, generally, the issue of making money is not going to bring in the amount of energy and fuel that you need to really create the momentum and potency that’s needed to really add value to the field. So if you are allowing money to be the sole motivating factor, one of the major aspects that is fueling you to move into creating something, then you’re starting on the back foot. 

This kind of motivation is going to eventually lead to a house of cards collapsing because using this as your soul motivating factor is setting up a karmic loop in the field that really limits your soul’s potential, its potency, and its reach in the world. Soul doesn’t actually care about the accumulation of wealth, the energy is always going to want to dissipate. 

Now this does not mean that you cannot create your own personal wealth or channel cash and abundance to causes that mean a lot to you. This is about what you’re using as your fuel and your motivating factor. If abundance and cash money is your soul fuel, there’s not enough energy for it to propel you. Soulful entrepreneurs need more than this for true world-changing fuel. If you’re looking for world-changing fuel, you need to look at the impact and the value you are adding into the world, and allow yourself to be in the same soup as all of the value that you are creating. 

Create and add to the field with your energetic coherence, your contributions, your art, and your service, and you then open up the abundance channels. You open up the channels for all manifestation and magnetism to arrive, because you’re really in soul flow, and you are maximally investing in the field, which the law of divine compensation rewards. 

There is already an escrow that you have created in the field that will flow through you, to you, in whichever ways you have accepted as possible, and safe, and it will continue flowing. So concentrating purely on the money-making aspect of it is just going to limit you. There’s not enough bandwidth for you to really, truly create impact if that is your only fuel.

The third and final common motivation mistake that I see soul-led entrepreneurs make is stepping into soulful entrepreneurship to escape from doing something that they loathe. This is similar to the money-making motivating factor that I mentioned previously. Some people can be working full-time or in another kind of career that they currently want to escape from, and get sucked in by the #laptoplifestyle and what appears to be this sort of location freedom aspect of having your own business. This bright shiny thing that they see online looks like just the thing that they need to do to get away from whatever miserable career or circumstance that they find themselves in.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with actually being honest and accepting that where you’re at right now is not the best place for you to thrive. There are so many ways that you can begin to unearth and allow for the flame of your passion to emerge. But jumping into a business from a place of trying to escape from something, is once again, putting you on a hamster wheel that is constantly going to keep you in a place of trying to escape from something. 

This again is a lower, third-dimensional, very common fuel that is taken as a perfectly normal reason to move onto something else, when in actual fact, if you move onto something else from that space of trying to escape something that you loathe, you will then find yourself not long after that recreating the exact same circumstances.

These are all perfectly normal fuels that I’ve mentioned so far, but if you want to exist in a different dimension, sow the seeds of the new paradigm of doing business, and create a world that is beyond the old paradigms of capitalism, patriarchy, and the like, you need to start not trying to move away from things that you loathe. You need to start dreaming up the new, reaching for more in the world, and allowing for that to supersede anything that is less than. 

There is a complete dimensional difference between stepping into the new, reaching for that more, and cultivating the pure unbound energy that is available to you all the time, using that to really fuel where it is that you go next.

Because if you want extraordinary results, you need to access fuel from an extraordinary source. 

You can’t keep flailing around in the old paradigm ways of motivating yourself by whipping yourself into a frenzy, and telling yourself you have to do things to prove yourself to someone, or that you need to make this money because otherwise everything is going to collapse, or trying to make sure that you do not experience this thing, and I’m going to replace it with this next thing, and keep myself on this hamster wheel. 

You can’t expect to reap the extraordinary, unbound potential that is here for you to claim if you sow the soil with seeds that are ordinary, old, and from a completely different paradigm to what you know you’re here to do, to be in, and to lead in.

There is so much more here for all of us to dream up and claim, so much more than the old paradigms of lack and limitation would prefer for us to believe. There is so much magic, and I hope that this has helped you to see where perhaps you need to just change that fuel up when you next go to the fueling station and assess what it is that’s truly fueling you, because you deserve to be fueled by nothing but extraordinary sources of energy and motivation.

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In this episode of the Lead With Your Light Podcast:

  • How the old paradigms are influencing your motivators (1-3:45)
  • The first common motivation mistake that soulful entrepreneurs make  (5-7)
  • Getting out of your own way by being in service to others (12:15-14)
  • The second motivation mistake that soulful entrepreneurs make (15:30-17:30
  • How to open up the abundance channels in your business (20:15-22)
  • The third and final common motivation mistake that soulful entrepreneurs make (22-23)
  • The dimensional difference between the old and new paradigms (25-26) 

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