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Episode 6: Are You Desiring the False Light?

In this episode of the Lead with Your Light Podcast, I’m sharing a personal story of how a simple experience reminded me of an important lesson around chasing and desiring the false light in our lives. We’ll be exploring how to dial down the external distractions so you can re-orient to your own path and attune to the true radiance of your inner light. 

One evening recently, I was in my bathroom washing my face when I heard a whizz and then a snap as something landed right beside me.

It was a small praying mantis – which I think are the cutest, most ridiculously alien-looking insect creatures one can ever come across. (The creator beings of our universe are said to appear as mantis-like, so I have deep reverence for them!)

This mantis was definitely not in his organic territory, in the harsh blue lighting of my white-tiled bathroom.

I knew I had to help it back out into the night air.

So while it perched itself on the edge of my shower recess, I mustered up as much love, peace, and ease into my heart and sent this feeling sense down into my hands.

Gently cupping around him, I felt a little buzz of exclamation come from his body as my palms curled around him, but nothing too dramatic from Mr. Mantis (okay I objectively do not know what its sex was, but I’m going with him).

I moved swiftly towards the bathroom window, to shove both of my arms outside and propel him back into the night air, off into the surrounding shrubbery and trees where he belonged.

But no sooner had I unclasped my hands to grant him his freedom – he had zoomed straight back into my bathroom, and perched in the same spot.

Frustrated but undeterred, I realised at that moment that in order to grant him his liberation (or facilitate his own self-liberation – gosh I am SUCH a coach), he was going to have to get there on his own steam and motivation.

And that what would likely help was being closed off in my bathroom with the lights turned off and just a sliver of a crack open to him through the window – so he could see the vibrancy of the stars and the moon in the night sky – a light that completely paled in comparison to the bright fluorescents in my bathroom.

I knew he was naturally attuned to go towards the light, and he would be able to find it eventually – but not while the screaming lights distracted him to a false sense of belonging and comfort on the glass of my shower cubicle.

This whole situation had me pondering, Carrie Bradshaw-style, how perfectly this is a micro-demonstration of what life can so often be for so many (including me).

Chasing after and desiring false lights: societal box-ticking standards or metrics that confirm to one and all that we’re successful humans, distract and seduce us into empty sensations of achievement that aren’t our true heart-and-soul-led desires.

We reach for and covet the constructs that APPEAR to be the answer to our sense of emptiness or deep longing: when what we truly yearn for is the deep connection to and experience of OUR OWN LIGHT.

The true knowledge of the radiance of spirit that permeates our entire world, and the energy of our soul radiating in our cells.

When we covet all the shiny faux successes, we forget that our true richness lies within the peaceful relief of landing deeply within ourselves – which only comes from tapping into the radiance we already are.

And then we get to interact with the world from that place (because from here, everything external just gets to be done for THE FUN OF IT, not because we lack anything!).

We get to reach for things that will add MORE to our life rather than looking around us and try to strive for things that make us look like we aren’t less than. 

Sometimes, in order to do that, the lights need to be turned off (metaphorically or I don’t know – by a global pandemic…) and external stimulus and distractions get to be dialed down for a hot minute so that you can begin to tap into and get a sense of your own light.

Because from here you can orient to the true north star of your own destiny path – which already exists, and is waiting for you to find it, along a path that only YOU can attune to – when you dial down the distractions of the external world, and dial up the radiance and luminosity of what lies within you.

But when push comes to shove and your soul wants you to dip your toes into the inky blankness of the unknown or not-yet-traversed, so that those inner lights HAVE TO TURN ON, you yell and scream and fly right back to the external bright lights of comfort and the ever comfortable box-ticking.

The truth is that YOUR inner radiance lights the path to your highest potential and destiny in this lifetime.

And from here the world’s highest potential and destiny is also known.

This I know for sure.

It begins within you and your own trust of the light within you.

And my mantis friend knows it too.

He eventually liberated himself out into the inky blackness of the night, because he finally sensed the silver whisper of a moon, and gently blinking stars slicing through the clouds – beckoning him, towards the rest of his life.

I hope you can feel that pull too, beautiful.

In this episode of the Lead With Your Light Podcast

  • Sharing a recent experience and how it reminded me we’re all attuned to go to the light  [1:21] 
  • Diving deeper into how the situation was a micro-demonstration of what plays out in our own lives [4:27]
  • What happens when we covet and chase after false lights [5:38]
  • How to tap back into your own light and re-orient back to your own path [6:27]
  • The knowledge that your inner radiance is what lights the path to your own highest potential – and how we’re all served when ‘the lights go out’ every once in a while [7:58]

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Are You Desiring The False Light? — Carly Stephan