Awakening Your Inner Mystic!

This week in my free facebook group Woman, EXALTED, we wrapped up our Upgrade Your Life Activation Challenge, which helps in awakening us to the possibilities and higher timelines of our lives. Here’s the Challenge Resource Guide PDF for you, if

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What’s Your Story? 5-Day Activation Challenge!

What story are you currently telling – and creating – for your reality? Every word we use to describe ourselves and our lives energetically contributes to the reality we either presently, or eventually, live. As the living, breathing creators that

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I can’t believe it

I’m having a pinch me moment. It’s Monday morning and I’m sitting at one of my favourite cafes in Brisbane, easing my way into my week. The morning traffic is ambling past me on the main road outside, bleary-eyed locals

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Why are spiritual teachings so contradictory?

I remember when I first began resonating with certain spiritual truths and teachings, I’d be ridiculously drawn to them – and YET – have absolutely know idea why I couldn’t completely FEEL their truth, and really implement or live them.

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