In Case You Need A Reminder

Hands up if you’ve been feeling the intense energy a-swirling and a-whirling in the ethers for the past few weeks?

For so many people this is appearing as flutters of anxiety, flushes of fear, and a nagging feeling of things feeling ‘off’ – even if and especially if, most things are objectively fine in your world.

And yes, you’re not imagining it – we’ve been in some intense New Earth grid gateways that are helping shift the earth’s trajectory into higher and higher timelines (although to many observers it may appear the opposite! Every great change is preceded by chaos and all, right?). The light that is pouring in is flooding us with support to realise these higher timelines sooner.

In the meantime, I can assure you that despite the intense feelings it brings, the current energy influx will absolutely align you with your highest good – but only if you’ll allow it to do its thing and move through you (that’s right, breathe it into you, let it move throughout your body and out your feet, into the earth).

Become the conductor of the energy, instead of being tossed about by it. This light energy will show you where you’re currently out of alignment with what your soul truly desires.

This light moves through our worlds and spring-cleans us into awareness (and initiates awakenings in those who are ready to begin their journey inwards!).

And once we become aware, we have the power to transmute and transform anything that feels out of whack for us internally – and make a decision to shift it, so that we can feel the thrum of harmony within us once again.

Something that I absolutely KNOW helps with managing this energy is: using it to CREATE something. Channel it into your most potent expression with your writing, or painting, or dancing, or cooking, or playing with your children, or ANYTHING besides being stagnant and still and tying yourself up in knots with anxiety.

You need to MOVE it, baby.

Another thing that can really help when you feel an intensity of energy in your body – is being reminded of your magnificence.

So – in case you need it today, a few reminders for you (maybe say it with me, right now?):

* I am the magnificence of creation, embodied – not the circumstances that surround me.

* I have the creative power of the universe coded into my DNA – I don’t need anyone else to grant me that power.

* When energy feels intense I use it as fuel to power me into aligned action that supports my HIGHEST GOOD.

* I swim and relish the adventure within the dark waters of the mysteries of life – I do not drown there.

* I am a powerful & sovereign human being.

* World peace begins with the peace I cultivate within myself. How I treat myself is how I treat the world – and how the world treats me.

* I am ALWAYS held in love because it’s what I’m made of. I can never be separate from something I AM.

Allow each of these to settle into your cells today, beauty.

And if one particularly resonates – write it on a post-it note and put it up where you can see it often. Or pop a reminder in your phone with the message, so you see it every day.

One small shift can ripple through your entire existence – I hope you know that. And I hope you can feel your power today. Huge love your way, Carly xo

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