Announcing – The Amplified Mastermind!

The AMPLIFIED Mastermind is here, loves! 

Quantum Upgrades for 5D Leaders and Visionaries – 6 Months of transformational support to turn your stellar desire into an anchored reality.

Amplified is a super-catalytic Mastermind to shift your frequency into the stratosphere. Your life, your career, your business, YOU – won’t be the same after our time together.


We use the full embodiment of your personal light grid (my channelled process) to anchor your dream life into the here and now, and have you vibing at the fifth-dimension AND beyond while remaining deeply grounded and embodied.

We won’t just be communing with the cosmos (off in LaLa Land) we bring these stellar frequencies through us and into the earth, anchor them within us, and allow them to beam through our life, illuminate our soul’s mission and purpose and anchor that longed-for desire that has previously seemed so out of reach!

I’m curating a group of fifth-dimensional leaders of the new energies landing on earth at the moment.

We’ll unlock the energetic codes of your highest self within you RIGHT NOW. You’ll get the processes, techniques and energetic secrets to not only align with the highest multidimensional version of you but lock this state in as your daily reality – not just something you briefly touch in meditation and then it all falls apart.

Are you ready to embody and anchor your stellar vision and legacy here on earth?

To know it so deeply and intimately in your cells that you’re absolutely tuned into the next aligned step you need to take at any moment?

To completely OWN the you who calls in ALL THE MAGIC. All of the fifth-dimension and BEYOND is where you reside and you tune into this frequency with ease and flow as it is your birthright to do so.

I’m calling in a small and intimate power posse of women who are ALL IN for living their most exalted lives NOW.

Not next month, next year or when the conditions are *just right* (aka never).

You’re ready for this journey if you know the universe responds to bold declarations from you and your soul. That the initiation must first come from you, and then external support swoops in to to meet you (you KNOW it does).

You’re ready to create the etheric grid structures for your bold vision within your own energetic field first.

You’re not satisfied with just leaving it up in the ethers, as an idea or dream. You’re ready to make it real.

Unlocking and Unleashing the Pillars of Quantum Upgrades that are lined up for you to claim.

You are so ready to CHOOSE yourself, initiate yourself, and anoint yourself into the reality you absolutely know is already here for you (because you say it is), and you’re not waiting for permission from anyone else to freaking DO IT.

This is an intimate offering, calling you into my innermost circle of sharing, connection and sisterly loving.

There will be NO hiding and NO playing small, when you’re held in your highest light.

You are a way-shower and bringer of the new energies to earth. You know you’re here to realise your highest potential in ways that blow your mind and the mind of those around you.

You’re ready for magic, flow, 5D living beyond the norm of what society has spelled out as to how you should live. F*ck the shoulds.

You’re ready to bust out of other people’s paradigms of what is possible (and impossible, for that matter), and step into your own field of infinite possibilities, where you command and weave your energy, instead of being tossed about by the energy of others’.

We use the full embodiment and realisation of your personal light grid to anchor a very specific dream or desire in the here and now.


+ You’re done with mindset shifts and you’re ready for embodied cellular shifts that create real change.
+ You want to transition out of your current job and step into your soul-led career.
+ You’re ready to turn your side hustle into a full-time real-world-earning business.
+ You’re ready to up-level what you’re available for in life, love, and success in this world.
+ You desire clarity in WHAT your soul purpose and vision is, and be guided into making it a reality.
+ You feel a heart leap and the energy of this offer lights you up and you feel a giant expansive feeling of YES deep in your heart or gut.
+ You’re a self-starter and super motivated to do the work required to LEVEL UP.


+ You aren’t yet ready to take full responsibility for your awakening and realisation journey.
+ You’re not ready to claim your greatness and choose yourself.
+ You’re currently experiencing acute trauma, this is best treated by a counsellor or psychiatrist who guides you through a trauma-informed process.

So, are you ready to fully step INTO your multidimensional self, become magnetic to all of your desires and anchor your divine human template here on earth?

Spaces are strictly limited to a super intimate posse of high-frequency women. And ONLY if you’re super freaking ready.

Email me [email protected] or PM me on Facebook for an overview and all the details! xo