Luminosity – 12 Days of Audios to Reconnect to Your Inner Radiance

In preparation for the light and energy I’ll be channeling for my AMPLIFIED Mastermind (beginning in January!), I’ve been deeply ensconced in energetic preparation work over the last month (I’ve done A LOT – if you’ve been watching on Insta Stories, you’ll know!).

Over the weekend a bodyworker of mine (who I hadn’t seen in about 3 1/2 weeks), took a look at my body and said I had a completely transformed nervous system and energy. “It’s like you have a new body” were her exact words.

It was so affirming to have what I know to be true (my juicy inner state) reflected back to me so objectively and clearly by a professional energy bodyworker.

SO – I felt inspired to deliver to you, for your listening pleasure, the key components of what I’ve been up to over the last little while.

Enter stage left, LUMINOSITY – 12 Days of Audios to Reconnect to Your Inner Radiance.

This 12-Day Audio Series is Designed to:

– Guide You to Tune into Your Higher Self
– Give You the Exact Tips + Tricks I’ve Used to Transform My Energy Body
– Help You Curate + Create a Self-Care Plan for Your Energy
– Activate and Align You to Your Inner Truth
– Provide You with Prompts and Insights for Your Personal Exploration
– Reconnect You with the Radiance That Is Already Within You
– Help You Begin 2019 With a Clear Energetic Slate!
– Be a Touch-point for You to Connect With Whenever You Need to – go at Your Own Pace
– Tune you into a Higher Frequency Immediately

You’ll be able to access the Audios indefinitely and whenever you desire – once you’re in, they’re yours forever.

If you have a hearing issue or impairment, please let me know and I will have transcripts available for you.

We begin on Monday 17 December – hop on over here to get on it!