Who I listen to the most

Most (good) spiritual teachers will espouse listening to yourself, your gut, your intuition first and foremost when it comes to any and all advice that comes your way.

And it’s great advice.

I always invite my clients to allow wisdom to land within their body and see whether it feels true for them. Taking what feels presently true and leaving the rest (for now), is my M.O.

You absolutely must listen to yourself.

And yes, you guessed it  – of all the teachers I’ve learned from, and all of the wisdom I have within my inner circle of soulies – I listen to myself the most.

Having said that, I have spent YEARS honing my ability to actually do that successfully.

To truly know what a YES feels like within me.
And what a NO feels like.
And what a fear-filled YES but I wanna say NO feels like.
What loving guidance feels like, versus a fear-based ego side swipe.

To know what my gut is actually telling me.

What happens when you try to ‘listen to yourself’ but your gut is actually always tied in knots, no matter how much you try and ‘tune-in’?

Or you try to drop into your body and access the wisdom that resides deep with your heart and womb, but you automatically retreat into your headspace and try to nut it out mentally?

I know this FOR SURE – there is a lot of ambient background noise in our bodies when we first begin the journey inwards to seek the answers that are already there.

At this stage in the journey, before we integrate shadows or release density, stories, and patterns – each of these things ‘talk’ to us in the background of our bodies, creating a cacophony of noise akin to a heavy metal concert (I once heard Michaela Boehm use this term to describe noise in the body and I thought YES, the perfect description of that kind of noise.)

You have to speak or shout really loudly to be heard at a heavy metal concert, right?

So actually hearing, let alone listening to the whisper of your intuition is nearly impossible in this circumstance.

What we ideally want is for you to live in a library – not an actual one (okay, hmmm is this anyone else’s #dreamlife scenario?) but an inner world where the ambient noise has been reduced so much that you can begin to hear the whispers of your intuition. The nudges of your soul. The whirring of your energy centres, the subtle flickers of your yes and the contractions of your no as they communicate with you, in every moment.

You might be feeling a little lost right now. And I really want to tell you that it’s okay, you’re doing the best with what you’ve got.

I know EXACTLY how you’re feeling because I’ve been there too. 

Guess what? You don’t actually have to do it all alone. Trust me when I tell you this: The road to an awakened and connected life, attempted completely alone, will take you 10 times longer, with far more obstacles and bumps than if you took the journey with a guide walking beside you.

I mean, imagine trying to climb Mt. Everest without a guide? A little bit crazy, right? (Also, side note, don’t climb Mt. Everest, she is being over-run with humanity’s rubbish.)

Why are you trying to climb this spiritual awakening journey alone? Don’t get me wrong, I believe you’re great and doing a fabulous job so far.

But not accessing the knowledge and know-how of experts who’ve been there is leaving you short of actually arriving and enjoying a juicy, awakened and utterly purpose-filled life. 

Notice I say Know-How? Because that’s the key – anyone can tell you that you need to go from A to B. 

But how to do it without losing your mind and dropping the ball is another story entirely.

And when you drop the ball, after trying so damn hard, you start to wonder if it’s even worth it . . . 

Trust me, it is. It’s totally worth it.
You’re on the right path.

You just need to get to clear-inner-guidance base camp. From here, your connected and in-tune self will be online and ready to rock the SHIZ out of your light-filled life.

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