The Truth

Truth. It’s often referred to as being entirely subjective – and when it comes to external truths, that may be the case.

But when it comes to the truth within us, there is always the beating thrum of it that runs through us like electricity.

We know it when we bump up against something that doesn’t feel good for us, but we say yes anyway.

We say yes to a coffee with that old friend of ours who’s so super sweet on the surface but always somehow finds a way to make us feel like sh*t about ourselves. We feel the tightening of our belly and our uncomfortable racing heart when she comes a’calling, and we know it needs to be a firm no thank-you, but something in us overrides that and a ‘SURE!’ drops out instead. Truth dismissed, self-betrayal enacted.


We know it when our partner asks us how we are and a little white lie pops out, “I’m good!”. When on the inside we feel unheard, unseen and unappreciated – that little crunching contraction within our bodies. Eeek. Not truth. LIES.

When we make the decision to once again say no to that program we’ve been busting to dive into for ages, but instead we don’t back our worthiness to receive the wisdom and codes our soul knows we absolutely need. That uncomfortable thud of disappointment begins to pull at our gut.

More denial of our truth. More self-betrayal.

We know the feeling of shutting ourselves down when we really really want to say something, communicate something, but just can’t bring ourselves to get our words out there, and that blog post continues to gather virtual dust in the ‘drafts’ folder on our computer. The truth of our expression denied.

Within us, our inner truth is exacting and does not miss a beat when it comes to what it is that is for us, and what is not for us. It’s not even the voice of our intuition – it’s a visceral and felt current of sensation that is ALWAYS there, even if you’re a little numb to its presence after having ignored it for so long. That’s when you especially know your inner self-betrayal game is strong – you’ve become an expert at hiding it. Walking around with a bunch of internal knots – a gigantic stomach full of them. Nothing to see here, folks! I’m FINE! 

Until one day, you see someone else expressing the rawness of their truth. You see her speak, write, hold a boundary that is so strong and sure – that it nudges you with a heat-fired poker stick.

It either triggers you to buggery or you’re left reeling in awe. You feel your inner knots twitch at you, begging to be unravelled, you feel the urgency to release them all and let them fly away into the wind and disappear, leaving you feeling light, calm and breathing easy for the first time in eons.

When you begin to free those knots of truth from within you (by even taking just *one* small but significant step towards choosing your truth) the feelings of inner clarity and alignment will feel like you’ve been freed from prison. Who even knew you were both the captive and the captor in this situation? Your personal sovereignty absolutely did.

When you choose to be accountable to your inner truth, your entire being and energy field begin to vibrate at a higher frequency. You step out of a life of duplicity (that completely screws with your ability to be a magnetic match to your desires) and into one of radical sincerity that sends out a clear signal to the universe as to where you’re at and what you’re available for.

Every step you take to liberating yourself from the tyranny of untruths, will reveal an equivalent level of flow, magic, and the opportunities you think are only available to a ‘chosen few’.

Guess what? You are the chosen few. Say yes to the thrum of your inner truth and you become the woman who stands as the beacon of radiant honesty, shining with the joy of one who has been completely liberated from living a half-life, hiding in the shadows.

Soon enough you’ll be the one who inspires and triggers everyone else into examining their own tummy cluster of knotted truths – serving humanity by just being YOU, in your deepest and fullest truth, every damn day.

And so I ask, how’s your stomach? In knots? Begging to be unravelled? If your truth is banging on the door, desperate to get out because you’re really not fine walking around betraying yourself every day, then I’ve got you.

I’m opening the doors to my transformational private 1:1 mentorship, and I’m looking to work with TWO truth-seekers, who’re ready to express the fullness of their soul to access the richness of their life. Because walking around with a knot of betrayal in your body is not living your highest potential. And I know that’s exactly what you came here to do.

Drop me an email and let’s chat, beauty! xo [email protected]