You’re more connected than you think. (The 4 Signs That Will Prove It To You.)

One thing I witness a lot of in my client sessions is the crippling doubt and fear of ‘I’m just not GIFTED in the art of energy and the ‘unseen’ realms, I don’t feel connected to any guidance, cosmic beings, or universal force, I’ve been left behind in the gift-giving stakes.’

Well, if I had a dollar for every time I heard that… I would have a LOT of dollars.

Y’see, as women, we often have a tendency to be uber harsh and underestimate our abilities. A throwback to shame over being too big for our boots, or trying to remain humble, or wanting to maintain a self-deprecating air.

I get it, these are common stories we’re fed through societal conditioning and it becomes a part of the very fabric of our being.

And so, we dismiss the evidence of our connected state, in favour of erring on the side of having no gifts in the realm of the ‘unseen’.

But I’d like to look you right in the eye across these inter-webs and kindly but firmly call BOLLOCKS on this story.

YOU ARE MORE CONNECTED than you’ve been conditioned to think. AND you can increase and improve on that connection, building your skills over time. This is not just a realm for the so-called gifted.

Humans are designed to have FULL clair-abilities open AND a connection to their higher dimensional guides, with access to infinite wisdom. Yes, including you.

So, how do you know you are connected already?

Well, I’ve compiled four hallmarks that I know women often dismiss outright but are actually extremely compelling signs you are super connected already:

  • You have the ability to walk into a room and ‘sense’ what’s going on. You feel people’s emotional states keenly in your body. You often have sensations that pop into your body randomly, and you have no idea why or for what reason. (You are literally ‘reading’ energy with your body. It’s a way for you to determine whether a space is safe or not, and is something you likely developed as a child. This is a clear sign that you have a clair-sentient ability, or clear-feeling. You’re also likely an empath and highly sensitive.)
  • You have dreams that you can recall and you often feel like you’re living in them. Sometimes you wake up exhausted! (This is proof of your ability to traverse and be aware of the astral realm, or 4th dimension. You are actually doing a lot of ‘work’ during this time. This is also a good indication of burgeoning clairvoyant ability, or clear-seeing.)
  • Random ‘thoughts’ pop into your head that are often filled with simple and profound wisdom, or remind you of something you may have forgotten. (Our guides can and do feel like us. What we think are ALL our thoughts, often aren’t. Yep, you’re receiving guidance. And you clearly have some clair-cognizant ability, or clear-thinking.)
  • You sometimes hear strange pitches or tones in your ears. It can feel a bit disorienting, and when you ask others if they can hear it, they respond with a no. (These are often indications you’ve shifted dimensions or timelines. It can also be an indication that your guides are sending you a sign or a package of wisdom for you to receive. This is also a sign of your emerging clair-audient abilities, or clear hearing.

So, how did you go? Can you see yourself in any of these examples? Yes? Thought so.

You ARE more connected than you think, lovely, and you can build on these abilities.

Just like you can exercise your physical body and achieve an increased level of fitness, the more you expose yourself to the world of energetic ascension and the gifts of reading energy that are your BIRTHRIGHT, the more these skills will develop.

But you need to want to do it. You need to set the intention and put the wheels in motion to commit to your own energetic ascension. When you say yes, the universe says YESSSS.

And if you want to do that, book in for a chat with me about my upcoming Anchor Your Light program.

I know you may be dismissing this program as something that may be out of your reach, or that you’re not advanced enough yet (please stop that).

I challenge you to reach out to me and actually stand for the abilities and connection you DO already have, and state the commitment that you have to build on them, and finally claim your energetic ascension as YOUR sovereign responsibility.

I think you’ll be very pleasantly surprised at the results.

To infinity and beyond, hey?

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