Become a conductor of divine light, transform your consciousness, and raise the vibration of your self and our planet.


A 12-Week Journey to Support You and Your Energetic Ascension


Centre yourself in the bone-deep knowing of your divinity, so you are internally anchored in these swirling energies and chaotic times – beyond an intellectual exercise or mental gymnastics.


This program will help you survive and thrive your energetic ascension, with incredible 1:1 individual and collective energetic support throughout the experience.


To ensure this intimacy and high-touch support, this journey is limited to a small number of women.



All Knowledge is false if the Soul is not experienced in the body.” – Yogi Bhajan



Intensify your inner luminosity, magnifying your manifesting magic, connect you to your cosmic self, and call in your higher dimensional guides.

Anchor Your Light will take you through the processes I’ve personally used and honed to become a conductor of divine light, transform my consciousness, and raise the vibration of myself, the people around me, and our planet.

My desire for you in this experience is that you connect with the bone-deep knowing of your divinity, so you are internally anchored in these swirling energies and chaotic times – beyond an intellectual exercise.

Part coaching and guidance, part Mastermind sharing and group support.

This is an intimate journey, with limited spaces (and yes, a few have already been snapped up).



  • A 3-month Online Journey with like-minded women
  • 2 x 1:1 Private Mentoring 30 minute sessions (scheduled in the first month and third month of the program) Value = $250
  • 6 x Recorded Group Coaching Calls (Fortnightly) – time will be Monday evening AEST. Value = $1500
  • 6 x Knowledge / Content Modules – emailed straight to your inbox (Fortnightly). Value = $900
  • 1 x Private Facebook group for constant online support. Value = $1200
  • 3 x Guided Meditation Tracks. Value = $120
  • 1 x Half Day Group Activation Ritual. Value = $800
  • 1 x In-person connection event (Brisbane-based). Value = $300
  • 1 x PDF Booklet of all content at the end of the program. Value = $50
  • 1 x Pre-Work Clean + Clear Module. Value = $150


Investment = AUD 995 (or 5 x monthly payments of 222).


  • Ascension – What is it?
    Overview of the Ascension process, what it means for us as individuals, and as a collective
    The call to un-hew ourselves from society and the way ‘the world works’.
    Cosmic Light Connection Practice

  • Anchoring Within
    Empath care, energetic juicing up of your field v.s ‘protection’
    Personal spiritual connection, spiritual consciousness embodiment – focusing on the primacy of your soul whispers over your ego.
    How to create anchoring focal anchor points within your energy body

  • 12-Strand DNA Activation
    The HOW of increasing our inner light quotients
    12 Strand Etheric DNA / 12 Ray Activation
    How this amplifies our manifesting ability
    Turning into a super-attractor

  • The Shadow of Ascension
    Self Care + Ascension
    What to expect when you bring in more LIGHT – dealing with the shadow and NOT spiritually bypassing.
    Coping with the real world fall out of shifting frequency, loss and gain of relationships, shifting interests, disillusionment and melancholy with the world – the PROs and the CONs

  • Expanding into Our Multi-Dimensionality
    Embodying the new paradigm of enlightenment
    Operating on the earth and the cosmos simultaneously
    Tuning into past/parallel lives and the insights they bring us for THIS life of ours
    Meeting your cosmic guides, exploring your cosmic heritage

  • Activating Your Personal Light Grid
    Introducing and activating your Personal Light Grid
    Being a light activator in the world
    Stepping into your role as a light-worker on earth (regardless of what you ’do’ for a living)
    What you can begin to do to assist the global and collective ascension

An exclusive, personal and intimate journey with powerful energetic activations

For women who are feeling a new wave of energy move through their lives, and want to learn how to ride it to its maximum potential in a mastermind environment. The last round sold out quickly – apply now!

“This program literally changed my life. I am still in awe how much it helped me and is still changing me. I am grateful for this group of fabulous women and the energy we have created together.”

Lubomira Nielsen, Quantum Life Coach

Is This Journey For Me?

You Feel A Heart Leap

The energy of this offer lights you up and you feel a giant expansive feeling of YES deep in your heart or gut.

You’re Intrigued

You feel drawn to esoteric topics like energetic ascension – and just know you need to embody this knowledge for your own path.

Ready to Claim Your Power

You want the support to become your own activator, healer, and conduit of cosmic light – and not constantly second-guess your power.

You Love ‘Energy Work’

You have knowledge of your energy body, have an inner connection practice, and you’re ready to take this into the cosmic realm.

What are the benefits of anchoring my light?

+ These processes, techniques and activations help to amplify and accelerates your desires – you become a super attractor, able to weave your magic as you see fit.


+ This journey will increase your self, soul and spirit connection both within and beyond you (your family, friends, our planet, the universe, and multiverse).


+ Can you feel the energy of the planet speeding up? Ascension is causing both a personal and planetary acceleration. I’m handing over the tools to help you keep up with it all and not be swept up in the tornado of energy swirling. 


+ This journey will help create inner stability so you can ride the new wave of transformational energies (and not be knocked over in the process).


+ This journey will either introduce you to, or further deepen your relationship with your cosmic level guides and heritage. It is mind-bendingly beautiful to embrace this knowledge, and will upgrade your energetic frequency level like nothing else (for real!).


Who This Is Not For

+ This is not a beginner’s journey. There are a few basic pre-requisite requirements if you would like to be a part of this activation experience. So, if you’ve never meditated before, or have some kind of  inner connection practice, this program is not for you.


+ If you’re recovering from a trauma or severe depressive state which requires the attention of a psychologist, psychiatrist or counsellor, please do that, this program is not the place to do that very important healing work.


+ If you JUST want to play in the light, but spiritually bypass your inner shadow / darkness, this program is not for you.

“Being part of the Anchor Your Light Program has lifted me into a state of being more internally referenced than ever, trusting that my intuition is real and always on-the-money, increased curiosity and an open heart toward my galactic connections, consciously stepping into a marriage union, earthing my online program and allowing what is asking to come through me, an upgrade to the vibration in my workplace, and the presence of quite a number of people in my life who I can talk to about all this stuff! The real shiz! People who get it! Amazing.”

Kayla VockensonCalm Coach

An exclusive, personal and intimate journey with powerful energetic activations

For women who are feeling a new wave of energy move through their lives, and want to learn how to ride it to its maximum potential.

“I want to thank you deeply and from the bottom of my heart for everything that we shared and how we (this group) held each other over this time. It feels to me as if we were all infused and upgraded in many ways. Spirit is showing me many shifts for all of us in the lower chakras, almost as if everything is opened and cleared out from the top , so that we can allow new and higher light inside of us. Through this group I’ve gained more confidence and confirmation on who I am and what I am bringing through, as I did not have any idea of what was going on with me or around me previously (in terms of channeling energy and the cosmos).”

Denise ReichenbachMultidimensional Artist

Who Am I?

I’m Carly Stephan, a mentor and coach for women committed to living in their fully-exalted state here on earth. I’m passionate about women anchoring light within their bodies and unleashing their light-filled gifts with the world.
I have a diverse blend of skills that span the spectrum of earth-bound and cosmic; international development project management, writing, speaking, professional mentoring, energy healing, divine feminine embodiment work, and intuitive channelling.
I pour all of this experience and more into running transformative and highly in-demand one-on-one private mentorships and group coaching programs for women.
Over the last few years, I’ve been working on some really powerful activations at the cosmic level channeling processes like anchoring in my light grid to increase and anchor my inner light, activating my 12-strand etheric DNA and connecting to my cosmic guides regularly to help me cultivate a life filled with grace, connection and deep soul connection.
To say this work is transformative is an understatement. It’s completely activating and has changed my life in the craziest and most amazing ways: my soul work and career have been earthed, soul mate relationships arrived, a kindred soul tribe is burning bright, abundance is flowing, I have a beautiful feeling of living in grace – all without needing to muscle and manipulate external conditions to receive it.
I’d love to share this process with YOU!

You’ll know if this is calling you. Our cosmic activations draw us closer and closer until we are ready to fully claim them as ours.





Payment Plan = 5 x Monthly Payments of AUD 222

Book in Your Application Call With Me!

I look forward to chatting with you, lovely.

“The Cosmic perspective soothes the ascending soul.” – Sandra Walter.