Taking Flight

Picture this. You’re on an aeroplane and the pilot has just told the cabin crew to be seated for take-off. You check your seatbelt’s on snugly and that you have a clear view of the land you’re about to depart (or is that just me?).

You hear the engines begin to crank and whirr, building to a crescendo and jolting the aircraft into life.

ALL SYSTEMS ARE GO for takeoff. Well, at least that’s what you think.

It’s not actually all systems go for takeoff until the pilots get the aeroplane up to a speed point known as V2 – the speed at which stopping is no longer possible and the aeroplane is committed to flying into the air, even if an engine fails.

V2 is also known as the ‘decision speed’ and shortly after that, the pilot will say ‘ROTATE’, and pull back on the yoke, nosing the plane (with you in it) into the air.

It’s a point in time when the pilot’s focus MUST shift from what’s going on on the ground (are there any runway hazards?) to the sky. They fully commit to getting the plane in the air, and face whatever comes next in an environment that is entirely different to the one they’ve just left behind.

This week I noticed a similar ‘decision point’ occur while I was at a Stop sign in my car, on a blind corner. You know those ones where you can’t see beyond the bend, but you know you have to turn and deal with whatever may present itself once you do (e.g. a speeding car coming up behind you)?

You can spend a long time, waiting or considering when to go, and you know there’s no certainty of what presents itself once you do.

But eventually, you put your engine into gear, make the decision, and commit your whole being to the other side.

I’ve become a little fascinated with these moments in life.

Particularly the moments you can feel the energy building towards the next octave, but you hesitate about making the decision and committing to it – full-bodied, all-in, no-more-just-dipping-toes-in. TOTALLY IN.

They get me a bit excited, truth be told. But they can also feel really nerve-wrangling. Resistance arises – and procrastination can step in.

It’s hard for us to accept that things die or close off in the service of something new. We mourn the loss.

It’s tough for us to step out of our comfort zones and into unchartered territory. Especially when we don’t have a faint notion of what’s in store.

It’s freaking scary to let go of the known and immerse ourselves in the void. The place of inky black stillness and rich, fertile POTENTIAL, but no guarantees.

So we shy away from our personal rotation point. Our ALL SYSTEMS GO state. Teeter around the edges and watch others take the leap, while we stay in the safety of our tightly wound comfort zone, on the ground.

But. What if you’re tired of staying in that place of no-risk? Kind-of over not committing to a life of alignment with what you KNOW you’re capable of?

And you do know, because your soul swims to the surface of your awareness every so often (maybe when you’re just waking up to start the day), and whispers in your ear, ‘there’s MORE for you, dearest.’

For you, darling, who can feel the pull – I have this: I think the key to getting to the ‘point of no return’ is deceptively simple, and so very similar to our aeroplane analogy; make a decision and gain MOMENTUM.

Nothing and no one can reach a take-off point by standing still and inert. We must choose and make a MOVEMENT towards it, holding our vision and highest timeline as our true north and guide.

It doesn’t need to be gigantic. Just take the step. Create the momentum.

Choose in the direction of your true north at every moment you can. AND THEN CHOOSE AGAIN.

Build on this, daily, until there really is no turning back and you’re gliding your way, steadily upwards in the direction of your highest timeline.

There are SO many guides of yours in the unseen who are cheering you on.

And so am I.

If you’d LOVE take flight in your own personal awakening journey, and would love a bit of juicy energetic support or clarity around how to align with this beckoning higher timeline of yours – book yourself in for a FREE Activate session with me, before the end of November. xo

Photo Credit: Eyes of Love Photography