My Starseed Story (The Beginning)

It was about three years ago to the day that I blasted my higher energy centres open to cosmic consciousness.

Somehow I found myself sitting in the long spiky grass of a riverside park, with my crystals arranged haphazardly in a circle around me.

I was there to open a cosmic portal, to channel higher dimensional cosmic light through me and into the earth.

It was during the period just prior to New Year’s Eve of 2014, which also happened to be my 33rd birthday. I remember feeling as though something sacred was linked with this number, and turning this age seemed to hold special significance.

At that point in time, I had no idea what it meant, but its significance began to reveal itself rapidly as the clock ticked over into 2015.


That new year’s eve/birthday was a unique one. It was the first time I had spent on my own in my very own space, since buying my apartment earlier that year.

It was one of the first times I’d spent ‘at home’ rather than plans to be away for the holidays. I felt a strong pull to stay in my space and spend time meditating, cultivating sacred space, and listening to all things cosmos-related and what I now know is higher dimensional intelligence.

I couldn’t get enough of it. It was like I was discovering treasure upon treasure, and just as quickly as I came across things, I would be able to integrate its essence and meaning into my consciousness.

It felt less like I was ‘learning’ things and more so that I was remembering it all.

That afternoon by the river, I was directed to sit on the ground and channel light and higher energetic frequencies in to the earth – which involved me pocketing as many crystals as I could carry, walking down to a nearby park perched on a bend of the Brisbane river, and sit for as long as I could handle the ants and mosquitos biting me.

I sat down on the ground, scattered crystals around me, and received this energy, channeling it through me and deep into the core of the earth.

It was around this time I also began seeing ‘light codes’ streaming in my vision when I closed my eyes.

They began as a single line, racing across my vision and consisted of text I could not read, but was made up of letters, numbers, symbols that resembled hieroglyphs and reminded me a bit of HTML code.

This then became lines of three, all streaming at speed across my vision, and gradually developed into both across my vision and down from top to bottom, bright lines streaming.

At first, it was during meditation – particularly theta brainwave state, the moment between sleeping and awake (and vice versa).

Now it happens all the time, I can tune in to seeing them as soon as I look.

I began to learn that these light codes are streaming at all of us from higher dimensions all the time. They are packages of energy, wisdom, upgrades for our energetic body, and we don’t even need to know of their existence.

I remember excitedly chatting to one of my soulie’s Susana over breakfast at my birthday celebration that year, about the preceding weeks’ cosmic adventures. “You won’t BELIEVE what I’ve felt called to do this past couple of weeks!” Her eyes widened in excited astonishment as I told her about opening portals, channeling cosmic light through my body, re-calibrating my energy system to hold more light, and opening to guidance from my cosmic (aka E.T) guides.

Prior to this time, I had no real interest in the realm of galactic, cosmic,  or E.T information.

I was earth-bound baby, and never felt called to go beyond it, save for a dabble or two into astrology and the movement of the planets in relation to my personal astrology signs.

Don’t get me wrong, I was fascinated with the science behind the cosmos, the infinite majesty of what the Hubble telescope presents to us, and the mind-bending concept of an ever-expanding universe.

But actually engaging with and working with benevolent and infinitely wise galactic beings, well THAT was just plain nuts.

So I kept all of this cosmic consciousness unfolding on the down-low, only sharing it or confiding in those I felt safe to do so with.

It was a whole other level of exposure and vulnerable sharing that I didn’t feel ready to open myself up to.

But I now know that I’d already opened the portal to a journey unlike any other I’ve ever been on. A journey that has seen me working on some really powerful activations at the cosmic level, channeling things like anchoring in your light grid, activating your 12-strand etheric DNA and connecting to your cosmic guides.

I credit this cosmic journey with helping me earth my soul work, calling in my soulmate love, cultivating a kindred soul tribe, flowing abundance, and the beautiful feeling of living in sovereign grace that fifth-dimensional living brings.

A while ago I received guidance to curate a small, intimate group of women to initiate into these new, high vibrational energies because they are primed and ready to step into their multi-dimensional cosmic state.

This Anchor Your Light experience is a 12-week, personal and intimate journey with powerful activations and also some one-on-one work with me!

We begin on the 8th of January, 2018.

And almost half the spaces are filled already!

Not everyone is ready for these kinds of ascension activations. You’ll know if this is calling you. Our cosmic activations draw us closer and closer until we are ready to fully claim them.

Anchor Your Light will take you through the processes I’ve personally used and honed to become a conductor of divine light, transform my consciousness, and raise the vibration of my self, the people around me, and our planet.

My desire for you in this experience is that you connect with the bone-deep knowing of your divinity, so you are internally anchored in these swirling energies and chaotic times – beyond any intellectual exercise or mental gymnastics.

This is an embodied GALACTIVATION experience, that will arm you with the tools, techniques, and processes to be deeply present and in your body, channeling your light and riding the waves of your ascension journey, connected, empowered and in joy, rather than dis-embodied, constricted and in fear. 

If you’d love to join us, book your application chat with me ASAP!

Early bird pricing ends Sunday 10 December, or when the spaces are filled (and they really are filling fast).