The Place You’ll Find Your Gifts

The first time I consciously channelled a spirit guide of mine, Moli, I was about 12 or 13.

Fascinated by the world of spirits, my friends and I had been dabbling in ouija boards and seances for awhile.

(Quick aside, I advise against this unless you know what you’re doing / have a clear energy field. ‘Playing’ in the lower astrals can conjure not-so-nice entities. Yep, Stranger Things on Netflix is uncomfortably close to the mark.)

I can’t remember how we decided it would be a good idea for me to channel, but we did and it came naturally and easily to me.

I would sit in what I now know to be a trance state, and let my friends ask ‘him’ questions. I would move my persona aside and let him speak through me. My voice would change, it would take on a soft but deeper tone, speaking in an almost melodious manner.

I knew it was a guide far beyond my intellectual capacity and maturity, because the gossipy teenaged questions we always asked elicited the most magnanimous, mature and erudite responses –  far beyond what my tiny mind would have thought to say.

This particular memory of the early days of my channeling came back into my conscious awareness (it had been long buried) when I began to explore the role my inner child played in my life, and especially when I began to learn about how important it is to not only do the work necessary to heal any trauma she felt, but to also look to her for the wisdom of my true soul gifts.

Why is it helpful to look to our childhood for our gifts and innate talent?

When we’re born, and for our first few years of life, we are proximally close to where we’ve come from. The realms beyond our dimension, the place where our higher selves reside, is still very real for us. For many years after birth we can see beyond the solid third dimension, and we unthinkingly follow the urges of our soul to express, create and channel what delights us and brings us joy. And in turn we delight and inspire others.

Have you ever become completely transfixed with the simple play of a baby? Yep, it’s frigging fascinating. You’re tuning into soul-aligned action and magic, right there, just watching her play and express.

For me, as a child, this looked like:

  • A fascination with the unseen realm. Playing with fairies, elves, knowing there are beings around that I couldn’t touch, but ‘sense’
  • Channeling and playing with guides and angels
  • A deep connection to nature – one of my favourite things to do was take my walkman and go hide in the nook of a tree or lie down in the grass somewhere, and drift in my imagination
  • Preparing concotions and potions and soothing balms for my friends and even giving them advice as a wily seven or eight year old. Ha!
  • Singing, dancing and performing with reckless abandon – expressing myself in creative ways
  • Connecting to people. I was told off many times as a child for racing through my work and then distracting my friends in class when there was no one around to play with
  • Being a leader and initiator – I was generally always the ring leader of some kind of mischief
  • Writing stories and reading stories
  • A fascination with how things ‘worked’ I wanted to analyse and pull apart the machinations of everything, for a long time I wanted to be a detective!

I now engage with not just one but ALL of these aspects of me, when I’m truly aligned and giving my soul’s gifts.

But as I’ve learned in my personal experience, the talents and gifts most natural to us are often buried deep beneath the social conditioning we receive as we go through adolescence and into adulthood.

‘That’s weird. You’re weird. That’s embarrassing.’

‘You’re possessed!’

‘You’re not good enough to do X’

‘Sally’s a lot better at that than you.’

‘Stop playing in a fantasy land.’

When the drama of our ego and trying to fit into society’s so-called ‘normal’ sets in (usually during our teens, maybe earlier) – we begin to hide these parts of us, burying them deep within. Often we completely forget about them until something or someone awakens the longing to align again with what is true for us. We wring our hands and chastise ourselves for not knowing what our gifts are, when they’ve been inside us all along.

Our inner child holds the power to excavate and illuminate the long forgotten memories of us in our element, in flow, sharing our gifts.

I urge you to look there too, if you haven’t already.

Start with a simple intention to have these memories revealed to you. Tune into happy memories of what you used to love doing as a little one. Meditate with your inner child and ask to be shown what lit you up. The memories may only come in drips – but they will come. Capture them by writing them down, and more will follow.

These memories of yours don’t need to be taken literally – look for the feeling or broader theme that encapsulates the activity. For instance, if you loved building sandcastles at the beach – look at whether this is pointing you towards sculpting and creating with your hands – or perhaps it’s being close to nature and the sea in particular. You may not necessarily become a professional sand castle builder. (Although if you do, send me a picture!)

Tuning into and aligning with your light, embodying your soul gifts, and expressing them in the world is one of the most liberating and insanely delicious feelings in the world. If you feel called to do this, and would adore some loving guidance while you do, my 1:1 private spiritual mentorship program may be for you!

I have crafted the steps, methods and processes to guide you through what I have painstakingly moved through. These programs are packaged together to help you align with your light, dance with your darkness, and ultimately live as the light-filled goddess you are.

We journey through this together – the upgrades, the shadow work, and the rocky but rewarding part of claiming your spiritual self that’s screaming to be seen and heard in the world.

What took me years, takes you mere months (pheeew!). Best of all I keep you ACCOUNTABLE to the transformation your soul is seeking. One of the major differences between having good intentions – and actually earthing and REALISING those intentions.

Spaces in my mentorship program are closed for now, as my books are full. But drop me a line at [email protected] so you can be at the top of the waiting list for the next round!

Have you tapped into your inner child, to help illuminate your passions? I’d love to know how you’ve tapped into your innate gifts, please share with me below!