Finally Announcing What I’ve Been Working On!

How does radically upgrading into the state of receiving EVERYTHING you’ve ever desired and becoming a magnet to your wildest dreams sound to you? Amazing? Or – completely out of reach?

Over the last few weeks, my dear bestie Melissa Sandon and I have been creating epically activating soul codes of transmission for one another, to support the construction of our sovereign light fields of riches.

We were going to do a free mini video series training for you, to give you a taste of what we have been doing behind the scenes, a little tidbit to give you a hint of what our secrets are, and what we hold for one another while we expand our soul fields into infinite possibilities of creation and wealth.

But then, that didn’t feel right. It felt kind of limiting, and in the energy of lack mentality. 

Why are we keeping this all to ourselves? Doesn’t this kind of knowledge and the codes of wealth and abundance need to be shared? 


And then soul stepped in and demanded that we open ourselves up wide and share ABSOLUTELY everything with you: bring the codes, activations and embodied knowledge directly to you, and create an on-flow worth billions of dollars in value as a result. 

The offering demanded to be magnificently luminous, potently deep and amazingly supportive for a select group of women who are really ready to attune to the wealth of their soul and open their river of receivership and abundance WIDE. 

And she wanted to be called: RICH & RADIANT – A Six-Week Program to radically uplevel to receiving everything you’ve ever desired and become a magnet to your wildest dreams.

We’re talking – the energetics, strategy and the cellular shifts required to amplify and attune to your earning capacity to HIGH FLOW SIX/SEVEN FIGURES, which is exactly where both of us are playing.

We’ve woven together our most potent teachings, training methodologies, activations, invocations and the exact processes WE use to run our soulfully-led multi-six figure businesses. 

This program is not just a knowledge and content-oriented course that’s going to be your ‘business-in-a-box’ or plug-in-and-play style of training. 

This is a soul-level, cellular-shifting program that will align you with your sovereign light-field of riches so that you can truly actualise the legacy you’re here to leave on this earth.

We are holding this container for one major, drastic, revolutionary idea: that soulful women get paid (and paid well) for their service to the planet. 

We want soulful women like you to claim and stand for the riches and radiance that is your birthright, and for YOU to witness the explosive ripple effect of catalysing and inspiring everyone around you to claim and channel their luminosity and riches too.

We’re going to plug you into the field of money so you can begin to trust AND expect people to want to pay you for your gifts. 

Money will start to feel good and pleasurable and you’ll calibrate to letting it flow into your field and bank accounts. 

Our entire earth benefits when money gets into the hands of women who are soulfully aligned and committed to bringing their light and gifts to the world.

Are you ready to be one of those women?

We’d love for you to join us! 

We begin on April 17, but when you sign up you’ll get instant access to over $2500 worth of bonus materials to sink your teeth into straight away, and get you super-charged and prepped for our journey together!