Episode 11: Are You Arguing For Your Limitations?

Today I’ve got a personal question for you: do you feel like you’re fully owning your brilliance right now?

Last month I was on a beachside getaway with a bestie of mine, and during those few days seaside (literally, right by the sea) my morning routine looked a bit like this:

Gently roll out of bed after first light, pull on some togs, and wander bleary-eyed out onto the beach directly out front, over the dunes and start my walk along the (largely) deserted national park beach.

I would absorb the sun’s gentle morning rays, drag my toes through the edge of the seaside, and do my energetic expansion work as I go – unfurling my field to the furthest edges of our ever-expanding universe and beyond.

The magnificence I feel in these moments  – for the earth, for humanity, for existence itself becomes so super-rich and overflowing, that I then begin distributing it to everyone in my life: my family, my friends, my clients, program participants, readers, podcast listeners (you!) – and anyone else ready for more light to begin streaming into their life.

And it got me to thinking, this richness I feel for YOU, and about you and the utter miracle of existence and ecstatic light you truly are: do you feel the same about yourself?

Not in an egotistical ‘better than everyone’ sense.

Just a deeply solid knowing, an inner awareness of all the magic you have within you, with a sense of feeling humbled and honoured by all that you are?

Or even a hint of a knowing of all the gifts you have?

Do you find doing this… hard?

If you’re so utterly amazing (which you are, FYI) – what’s stopping you from owning your brilliance right now?

Lemme guess!

– The intensity of collective energies is too much and I just wanna hide

– My nervous system is frazzled and I can hardly feel my own body, let alone land in a deep and solid knowing!

– I fear being too much for people and overwhelming them

– I fear being not enough and disappointing people

– I don’t wanna be visible because then I’ll be persecuted

– I want to be seen, but I fear people truly seeing me in any kind of intimacy

– Stepping into my power involves coming out of the ‘spiritual closet’ to family and friends and I’m scared to do that!

– Being my truest self may show me that no one likes me!

And so on!

Because the problem is, as deeply-feeling and soulful humans we often get SO good at arguing for our limitations and weaknesses that we forget the truly compelling reasons why we need to step into being the person we MUST be to live this one wild and precious life of ours to the fullest: serving and giving our best at every opportunity!

Some compelling reasons why you need to own your brilliance now:

– You are withholding light the world desperately needs for its collective ascension journey when you choose to dull yourself (and it is a choice to do so).

– Stagnant creative energy held in your body will eat you from the inside, out.

– There are so many people absolutely desperate to feel the energy of your love.

– You being put here at this point in time was not a mistake, by chance and some weird confluence of events! You were given all you have (gifts and foibles and flaws and all), to live a purpose that is so utterly YOURS to live – our world would not be the same without you.

And, I can guarantee that there is someone in the world RIGHT NOW with a wound or a problem in the shape of your medicine and solution (truly).

They are literally googling questions, searching for the answers you have to give.

And what are they finding? If it’s not yet your words… it’s likely other people’s responses to their questions.

But other people can’t quite say things the way you say them.

They don’t inhabit the same stories you’ve lived, perspectives you’ve gained, or fought and won against the kind of demons you have.

They don’t transmit the energy YOU uniquely inhabit when you express your thoughts, feelings, and knowledge on the topics you’re so passionate about.

Their words don’t *quite* hit the mark.

And so, they continue the search, for YOU.

Don’t you think it’s about time they got off the internet and started living their own wild and precious life?

It’s time to shine brighter than ever before, beautiful.

For yourself. AND them.

Become more luminous than you’ve ever known.

Expand the bandwidth of owning your brilliance so much, it makes you a little uncomfortable.

And if you want to claim your brilliance and do something extraordinary (because as my dear mentor says: if you don’t claim extraordinary, ordinary will claim YOU), I’m so excited to co-create magic with you this year!

I’m offering  a myriad of exciting offers for you to sink your teeth into this year – both big and small – starting with:

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In this wildly potent quantum immersion you’ll:

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– Learn how to ‘grid out’ your deepest aligned desires in your energy field, for maximum richness, momentum, and flow! And begin to directly energise specific areas of your life: business, relationships, romance, finances, health & wellness!

– Finally understand the secrets of YOUR personal energetic field, and how it works for you (because not all energy fields are the same!). You may be employing techniques that de-energise your orientation, and some simple tweaks will result in monumental shifts!

– Activate your highest light and the energy for humanity’s most exalted potential – and potently serve from a supercharged and overflowing rich place!

You deserve to know the power of your light.

To know the levity of your energy.

To know the true richness of your field!

Are there any areas of your life you want to bring more effortless magic and flow to?

Are you ready to invest in the most important portfolio of your life?

Your energetic wealth.

The field is already thrumming with power!

Come join us!

The first 5 enrolments will receive a 1:1 Activate session with me and some have already been snapped up!

In this episode of the Lead With Your Light Podcast

  • A beachside getaway with a bestie [1:33]
  • When I feel energy rich, I share it with others too [3:44]
  • A few reasons that may stop you from owning your brilliance [6:03]
  • Why you need to consider to feel your brilliance right now [7:46]
  • It’s time to shine brighter for yourself, as well as others that you may shine your brilliance on [10:23]

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Are You Arguing For Your Limitations?