Being Who The World Needs You To Be

Do we have to choose between different aspects of ourselves vying for our attention, or is there a way to live all of them to the fullest extent possible?

I often grapple with the many aspects of myself that vie for my whole-hearted embodied attention during times of significant socio-political events (as we find ourselves in currently, and indeed that have been woven throughout the tumultuous year that is 2020). 

There are two in particular at the moment.

First, there’s my feminine warrior self, steeped in the experience of many years of political science/international community development and grassroots social change work; and the second is the cosmically-attuned weaver of higher energies – dedicated to anchoring and earthing the normalcy of spiritually awakened perspectives and ways of being on Planet Earth.

From marching in the streets in the name of Black Lives Matter, to handing out how-to-vote cards for my progressive friend vying for the second Greens seat in Queensland’s Parliament (she won btw!), to all of the tiny details and ways I exist that support the world I want to see – my feminine warrior who can jump in and ‘do the things’ is quite well-honed. 

And – since the end of 2014 when I blasted open to my cosmic consciousness and began opening to some extraordinarily high frequency information – I’ve also learned to absolutely own the power of my own energy to weave and energise the world I want to see in this now moment and into the future – and how powerful each of us is in doing just that, on a daily basis. I’ve witnessed magic and miracles occur instantly and consistently.

What I’ve noticed of late though, particularly during the early days of the US election (and to a certain extent now as one orange soon-to-be-ex-president attempts a clumsy swing at a coup de’tat), I found myself almost paralysed and sunk deep into the quagmire of what appeared to be playing out: a significant proportion of the US population choosing to support a narcissistic man-child who stokes conspiracy theories and is unwilling to co-operate with a world careening towards Climate-Armageddon (exiting the Paris Climate Agreement) amongst copious other horrifying acts of gas-lighting victims of trauma, dog-whistling of white supremacists and… you get that I’m passionate about this, right??

Which illustrates my point well: my feminine warrior is getting A LOT of air time at the moment. Which is neither right or wrong, but when I fronted up to a recent network spinal analysis (NSA) bodywork session this past weekend, I spoke to my practitioner Bec about the tension I was holding in my body, which was harking heavily back to what I would term my more ‘activist-heavy’ energy of years ago – that feeling of do-or-die that can edge you closer and closer to utter exhaustion and burnout if your body isn’t sensitive enough to pull you up out of it.

Bec invited me back into the reminder of my role here as weaver of higher energies, and the truth that being this IS ALSO WHERE I GET MY FUEL FROM. It’s where I energise everything else in my life.

Of course of course of course. How could I forget?

These significant world events and issues absolutely do need my advocacy, amplification, muscle, grunt and full feminine warrior sacred rage (thanks to my client Rachel G for sharing that term with me!)…  

But they also need me to be in my FULL POWER. 

And what I need to be in my power, first and foremost, will always be the pure thrum of high-frequency energy moving through me, and the awakened and higher perspective of the theatre show that’s occurring down here. 

This creates the space and breathing room for me to more fully energise any actions I subsequently feel guided to take, in the world of the third dimension.

My problem isn’t in being either the weaver or the warrior in this instance because BOTH are such an important part of my legacy and how I’m here to lead on this earth. 

My problem is forgetting which one I need to tune into first – in order to most effectively live as BOTH.

I now know that when I spend too much time in my warrior self, my capacity to fully energise, expand, and serve at my fullest is significantly hampered. 

Maybe you find this too?

If this is the case, here are some of the things that have been helping me the most:

  • Inhabiting the energy of my weaver self first thing in the morning: I will usually head to a HIIT workout to get my body moving, which opens my higher energy centres straight away. If I don’t get to a movement class, I’ll so a home non-linear movement practice and meditate with a cup of tea – expanding my energetic field up into the cosmos and beyond as I do this.
  • Laughter and play: these are super high states of being that can clear our energetic fields immediately and make us feel lighter, straight away.
  • Nature immersion time – fully connecting to the earth and being held in her infinite wisdom attunes me to a sense of calm expansiveness that is such a salve to my nervous system.
  • Meditation, movement, and bodywork to expand my field into the limitless, infinite and unbound energy available to all of us, BEFORE I engage with 3D shenanigans that I know may cause me to forget my infinite nature. 
  • A deep self-care commitment to regulating my time on twitter and news sites – and creating A LOT of space between me and the relentless 24/7 news cycle.

These times are calling us to inhabit the fullness of our multidimensional selves more and more – but with this invitation comes the responsibility of knowing ourselves even more deeply than we ever have before.

Because the truth is, our world needs us to inhabit the full spectrum of archetypes and selves that make up WHO WE ARE – we are each magnificently multi-faceted – and our job is to know how and when to flow between all of them, living each to their fullest capacity in every moment.