Ch-ch-ch-changes! When you outgrow the space you’re in.

It feels like a little dress you’ve grown out of.” Lauren held up an imaginary baby dress in front of her. “Look! It’s so cute! But it doesn’t fit anymore.”

A precious soul sister of mine dealt me this truth bomb a few months ago. And while it stung a little, it wasn’t something that came as a surprise to me. In reality, a little while before that I had bought the url carlystephan.com on a strong nudge, and had been sitting on it, knowing that this was where I was headed and what I was growing in to. I didn’t know quite what it was at that stage, but trusted that this would reveal itself in time. I had SO MUCH resistance around putting on my big girl pants and stepping in to my own name on the interwebz.

I gave my beautiful tribe of subscribers a heads up about this change a couple of months ago, and flagged a whole heap of changes and offerings coming… And now it’s happening! I have a group of uber-talented experts around me helping guide me through this transition.

At times like these, I’m reminded that everything dies in service of the birth of something else. I have been feeling like I have so much more to share with you, my dear reader, than the original vision for Pockets of Peace.

Brisbane Byron Trip_iPhone_January 2015_102

When I began Pockets of Peace it was with a simple intention: to share some of my journey towards cultivating inner peace within me. To play in the space of peace, inspiration and wellness with my writing, and do so in an authentic way. I followed a very strong nudge to do so, without any intention to take it any further than that. But taken itself further, it has.

Since the time I pressed publish on this blog two and a half years ago, I dove head first in to what I now know as a slipstream to my highest potential. Since following that nudge, I’ve grown, changed, evolved and undergone what I can only describe as my own becoming. I’ve had some of the most amazing experiences EVER. Met the most incredible people. Dropped a whole lot of what doesn’t serve me. Picked up tools that serve my highest good, everyday.

The energy I’m bringing in now is not being served by the original intention behind Pockets of Peace. It’s bigger than that. It’s a multiplicity of deep soulful sharing, and dancing with spirit. Playing in the cosmos while being firmly and lovingly connected to the earth. I have more offerings to share, including eBooks, a couple of e-courses, workshops and also going public with what I’ve now only just kept to my mailing list and word-of-mouth referrals: my one-on-one spirit and soul mentoring. I’ve been so honoured to serve as a spiritual cheerleader to a select few wonderful women this year, and look forward to continuing (and growing) this in to next year.

So, yes – from a humble little blog, the soul work that lights me up like a Christmas tree has revealed itself. And for this, I’m so so thankful I followed that nudge to start Pockets of Peace. She’s served as the most loving incubator for me to grow and evolve and has brought me in to a space where I feel exalted, loved, juiced up, passionate, and very much tapped in to the peace within me. And now her service is complete.

This space of mine is not disappearing – just evolving and growing. Over the next few weeks you’ll begin to see a soft re-brand of my site, a few tweaks and changes to pages, and a whole new opt-in for my subscribers (my spiritual go-to checklist, for you to use!).

I’m so excited to roll out all of the offerings I have planned for next year over the next short while! Thank you so so much for reading and being here. I am in such gratitude for all of the loving eyes that grace these pages.

Stay up to date with what I’m up to and be the first to get your hand on my spiritual toolkit by signing up here – it’s going out to my beloved tribe very shortly. And I’m always over on Instagram, so if we aren’t yet connected let’s rectify that immediately!

Sending you so much love for the festive season. I hope it’s so full of love and happiness for you. Here’s to growth!

Photo credit: Emma Kate Codrington