Episode 5: Energy Over Algorithms

In this episode of the Lead with Your Light Podcast, we are diving into all things online and particularly social media algorithms versus – or in addition to – the power of your own energy. As you can likely guess, I definitely advocate for energy over algorithm, and in this episode, I’m going to be sharing why. 

This particular topic has really been pertinent within my world of late. I’ve been tuning into the energy of many others in this online entrepreneur space and indeed the larger collective to witness what it is about this online realm that can leave us feeling de-energised and exploring how we can feel more empowered instead.

The current marketing tactics online are designed to foster a sense of frustration. They make you feel as though your posts are having reduced reach or that you can’t grow online thus compelling you to put some dollars behind your posts or your promotions.

Depending on how far along on the entrepreneurial journey you are, it may or may not be feasible for you to be putting cash behind every single post right now. 

So the focus then becomes, how do you work? Now what?

It can end up feeling like there are a thousand and one things you have to do or hoops you have to jump through to master the algorithm. 

The other thing I’ve noticed being fostered in this online space is a competition to create the loudest, most outlandish, most possibly controversial, most “excessively authentic” content in an attempt to get more attention and entice people to stay along for the ride. 

This is a marketing tool called ‘attraction marketing’. It’s supposed to suck people into obsessing to attain someone’s aspirational life enough that they’re compelled to buy their products. 

[Now, if this is an authentic – truly authentic – expression that leaves you feeling energised and allows you to create the best version of your own content in this world, then more power to you.] 

But sometimes when people jump onto the content or programs of these personalities, there can be some pretty troubling realisations. 

A client of mine who came into my world from outside the online space said something to me about this that was so profound. She shared that when she was doing a course from someone who was a big personality online, after a while she felt like she was investing more in that person’s life than she was investing in her own true growth, expansion, and evolution.

This blew me away! 

I would be devastated if I ever found out that any of my followers or clients were more obsessed with my life than they were with their own. 

I always create content with the hope that it will serve, inspire, educate, and share deeper insights into the world of energy or what it takes to run a thriving soul business.

But the intention is always to ensure that anyone who consumes my content is primarily oriented into their own life in a deeper, more exciting, more fulfilling way. 

I would much prefer that anyone who is engaged with my content has a really healthy relationship with social media and spends a lot of time offline, in nature, really experiencing the beauty, mystery, magic, and the miracles that occur beyond the little electronic boxes that we try to insert our consciousness into all the time. 

I do not want to be the reason that someone is perpetually on their phone! 

If you are a creator of content or perhaps you’ve felt frustrated by these algorithms and these personalities that seem to be getting all of the attention online, is there something else you can focus on rather than the so-called lack of reach you’re getting?

One thing I know is that energy always trumps the algorithm. 

Your energy and the currency that you allow to move through your body, the mastery that you bring to your work, and the results that you get for your clients—these will speak for themselves. They will move through the world in myriad ways. 

It is always the magnetism that you create within your body and your field when you are dedicated to serving the world, and the intention to bring people along with you and elevate them.

That is purely magnetic. That is what will draw people to you. 

So I want to revisit the original question, which was whether you’re feeling drowned out by the loudness in the online world and whether it’s making you feel like your efforts are not being heard or received?

If you are dedicated to your craft and you are deeply invested in the mastery of your work or who you are in the world, your magnetic field will be calling your humans to you regardless of what’s occurring in the online space. 

But I also want to invite you into an even deeper inquiry. 

And that is… how much are you listening to and truly seeing yourself? 

How much are you witnessing the amazingness of what you’ve already created and what you continue to create? 

How much are you allowing the joy and happiness at your ability to do this work? 

And the blessing and privilege of being able to live this kind of life?

How much are you truly witnessing that? When we perpetually project outwards this notion that we aren’t being heard, that we aren’t being seen, that we aren’t being received–there’s also an aspect of our own incapacity to do those things for ourselves.

Maybe it’s simply about amplifying that capacity within ourselves or even initiating it within ourselves for the very first time. 

Remember, anything you create from your overflow, from alignment, from your pure inspiration and creativity always has a corresponding heart or hearts to match in the world. 

That is the truth.

You may be creating something from the quantum that is actually meant to be read by somebody in a week’s time, in a month’s time, maybe even in a year’s time! Once you have expressed and allowed your content out into the world, your work is done. It has its own magnetic field and resonance, and it will find the hearts of those who need to hear it.

I hope you allow yourself to rest into the knowing that it’s always energy over algorithm. Your soulmate clients and those that are aligned will be able to feel the true resonance and currency that is moving through your body and your work. 

And that will always be more powerful than the hype of sophisticated online marketing.

In this episode of the Lead With Your Light Podcast

  • What I’m noticing in the online space right now and the marketing tools that are being widely used [1:27]
  • The feeling of needing the “master the algorithm” and the cycles that this can lead to [4:27]
  • What can happen when people invest or join programs based on online personalities and a personal story that was reflected to me [7:09]
  • The importance of being more engaged in yourself and your own life than what you’re experiencing online [9:30]
  • Why energy always trumps the algorithm [11:53]
  • Revisiting whether you’re feeling drowned out in the loudness online and how you’re magnetic field calls in the right people for you [15:35] 
  • Letting go of the timelines and expectations around when or how our content is meant to be received [18:04]
  • Resting in the deepest knowing that when you bring through content, insights and inspiration in true service, your energy will be what people feel [21:30]

Resources mentioned

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