Have You Forgotten Who and What You Are?

I was finally reunited with a beloved bodyworker of mine this past weekend, after several months separated by a hard border between Queensland and NSW, here in Australia.

To say I was thrilled to be in the hands of this wizard-shaman-energy-medicine-bodyworker extraordinaire this past weekend is an understatement. I send pretty much all of my SEQ based clients to see him at some point, if he’s available (getting an appointment can be a challenge). But I know that with Ahren, he’s going to be so on to whatever’s going on for me, and see through any bullsh*t that may be floating in my field.

He told me that he’d tuned into my energetic field long before I arrived and I was super clear – which I felt – but I knew in my cells that I needed the deep dive only a cellular level massage and energy tune-up can give.

I hopped on the table and half way through the massage, he stopped and focused for a long time on the atlas part of my cervical spine (on the back of my neck, around the C1 vertebrae). He unplugged and cleared SOMETHING there and I felt a huge surge of energy and clarity move through my body. It was epically profound.

When I hopped off the table after 2 hours of heavenly and purposeful pain, I asked what he sensed was going on with my energy in that area, and he dived into explaining how this is where our bodies and energy tend to plug into ‘the matrix’ of tech, devices and the world (hence why so much of our world is head-based and walking around, disembodied).

He relayed that it was important for me (and likely you, too!) to actively disconnect from tech every day (ie using massage, a foam roller or something similar). He told me I was currently funnelling a lot of my energy “through little boxes’ when it’s so much more powerful and expansive than the little funnels I’m putting it into.

Of course, he was SO RIGHT.

Now, I’m not about to demonise tech because it’s only a tool and an amazing one at that, but I FOR SURE have been worshipping it like the deity it is NOT in the last few months – the world being as it is in its topsy/turviness, it can usurp a large portion of my attention (and thus, energy) – and as a leader of the new earth energies that are currently anchoring here: my energetic currency needs to be FAR MORE EXPANSIVE than these little boxes allow. And I daresay the same may be the same for you, dearest?

This message has since re-visited me twice in couple of days since our session.

The first time it wandered into my awareness was while dipping into the luxuriously luscious words of Robin Wall Kimmerer and her amazing tome, Braiding Sweetgrass (an all-time fave of mine). In a chapter where she’s discussing walking in the rain in a forest she writes: ‘I could so easily retreat to tea and dry clothes, but I cannot pull myself away. However alluring the thought of warmth, there is no substitute for standing in the rain to waken every sense – senses that are muted within four walls, where my attention would be on me instead of all that is more than me.’

The next time was while watching the award-winning film In My Blood It Runs, a story of 10-year old First Nations child-healer Dujuan and his struggle with life in Australia, which requires an alien way of being (the white man’s way, more specifically). Watching him elegantly and poetically describe his experiences with energy healing, the land, and life in general – I felt like his story was saying: this world requires me to squeeze my expansive, roaming, connected and powerful energy into neat little pigeon-hole boxes, but this hurts my soul, it hurts my being. This is not the truth of who I am: and it’s not the truth of who you are either.

And so, dearest – I offer this message to you: in amongst everything our world is throwing at us at the moment – are you remembering who and what you actually are? And can you find ways to make sure you don’t allow yourself to forget?

Unplug (literally) and tune in (putting your cheek to a tree’s trunk may be all you need) to your expansive self, daily. Feel your energy connect to that greater part of you – stretched beyond your body, beyond our earth and out into the far reaches of our cosmos.

We may be confined geographically at the moment but the energy of our souls are not. The true expanse of who we are is always available to us, when we choose to remember.

You are far bigger than the little device you funnel your energy through, the four walls that currently surround you, and the systems and structures you engage with in your daily life.

You are a piece of our ever-expanding universe, starlight embodied, and far more powerful than you think. I hope you know this, deep in your cells.

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