Hiding From The World?

Every day this week I’ve been live-streaming short little 5D business wisdom drops over on Instagram (catch up on Day 2 here and Day 3 here!) – and consistently sharing the joy of my legacy and work with the humans who resonate with my work. 

And HOLY SHIZ it feels good to be back in a flow of outwardly, loudly, unapologetically sharing wisdom, codes, high-frequency energy, and soul truths that guide women back into their highest self, tuned in and turned on to share their epicness with the world.

It is truly what I was born to do.

Because honestly, I’ve been in hiding a bit, wallowing in a quagmire of shock and horror at what unfolded in my industry last year thanks to the clarity-invoking year of our lord 2020 (and probably continues to unfold but I have unsubscribed and unfollowed A LOT of it). 

Many leaders in the personal development and wellness space – including colleagues and ones I have learned from – have conducted themselves in a massively problematic way when it came to a number of areas: public health advice measures, bypassing and gaslighting people around important world-shifting social justice issues, and dropping deep down wacky conspiracy mineshafts that have led to actual violence and deaths (the storming of the US Capitol being one case in point).

I didn’t want to be lumped in with people using terms like ‘new earth’, ‘high vibe’, ‘sovereignty’ and ‘liberation’ to peddle debunked medical advice and anonymous 4chan message sh*tposts that are hugely harming massive swathes of our world’s population.

It made me do some serious deep diving into my own work, to any areas that I may have been problematic too.

I re-examined my use of certain words, terms, and concepts to make it unambiguously clear that I wasn’t putting out subtle and obtuse messages that could be interpreted as supporting the insanity of conspiracy theories that took threads of truth and wove together an enormous rope of fear-inducing fallacy.

And it kept me in a puddle of playing a bit small, just sharing with my clients and closest peeps – still being in my stellar channel – but just not amplifying it into the world as much.

Keeping it to myself.

Which I’ve now realised, is f*cking torture for me! When I don’t unleash and let my soul work flow out into the world unencumbered, huge amounts of energy get backed up inside my body, and it literally hurts.

And my soul people and clients don’t get to hear from me in my highest state, play with me, and join in the fun of co-creating our highest visions for our earth, together. 

Because I know this for sure: the work I’m here to do and the women I’m here to co-create with are the template creators and makers of the world we’re currently seeding, and the world to come: regenerative economies, sustainable enterprises, deeply committed to and aware of social justice, recognising there are limits to growth but NOT limits to ingenious potential and service, giving back to the earth, unapologetically serving the world with our gifts, amplifying and ascending the frequency of humanity so we can live in communion with nature, and not wreck the infinite gifts we’ve had bestowed upon us by grace.

What I’ve come to learn within myself over the last several years in full-time soul work is that whenever I veer a bit out of alignment, I need to come back and initiate and lead myself into higher ways of being, before the rest of the world coalesces around me and catches up with the new reality I’ve affirmed for myself. 

To do this, I need to orient and commit to using overflowing, frequency shifting energy and light within my body, over and over again.

To this end, over the last several years I’ve channelled and refined a process for enabling our bodies to do this for us, on repeat and with certainty: activating our personal light grid and lighting up the quantum upgrade pillars in your field (which help you immediately energetically align with the truth of your divinity and power). And this technology has served (and continues to serve) me and hundreds of women’s energetic fields.

I also crucially need to surround myself with humans who are on the same elevated path of existence – in service of the earth and her humans, who inhabit a 5D way of life, and consistently energise and live their highest dreams in the here and now on earth.

Otherwise, I spiral into perspectives of lack and limited possibilities.

And I know there are MANY soulful women who dream a very similar dream to me, in their own deliciously unique way, who know that the world is served by their being in full energetic alignment, juiced-up, turned on, and ready to serve the world from the overflow of their energy – but who may not yet have the high-level support to fully unleash and be unapologetically certain about who she is and what she’s here to do.

And it is for THIS specific woman that I created The STELLARmind. For the soulful leader who can feel her big gifts are here, who is already rocking it in the world but feels called to elevate into interstellar expanses that she may not have dared to grid out and go to before – and to do it alongside other epic women who will amplify and energise one another’s legacy dreams and desires. 

This is the fourth round of my life-changing, energetically potent Mastermind that has seen a ridiculous amount of success, abundance and soulful creations grace our earth on behalf of its epic members.

The STELLARmind is loaded and coded for legacy-making Soulful Leaders who are ready to quantum accelerate their mission, amplify their abundance, and have interstellar impact with their work in the world!

The potency of this field is already working its magic on me, I’m SOOOO lit up by the codes of commitment, desire, trust and utter belief in my legacy that have already been invoked.

I’m excited for you to experience the same!

Are you ready to co-create with the forces of the cosmos and the universe, and know that your wildest dreams are also the highest ecstasy of the earth and the stars – and that you are fully supported by their grace in your vision and mission?

Let’s energise the true new earth together! One where principles of equity, regenerative feminised economies, social justice and your soulful service is matched with an overflow of richness and interstellar impact that truly blows your mind.

Message me here for the overview!

Even considering joining this Mastermind container will raise your energetic frequency and create shifts in your field – I guarantee it! (Give it a go!)