Light Is The New Rich!

Can we talk about something I’ve become super uncomfortable with as I see it splashed all over the online world/entrepreneurial space?

Let me know if you’ve been feeling similar feels.

It’s the fetishisation and deification of money.

And I use these words very specifically for their true meanings: fetishise = an unreasonable amount of importance is placed on it, AND deification = it’s elevated to godly status.

Whether it’s coaches floating balloons above their heads with their million-dollar months, or private jets hired just to take promo photos for their business (my hairdresser tells me this is an actual service – and there are also ‘sets’ that can be set up to simulate you looking out of the window or being inside a private jet cabin. I swear my head nearly exploded with incredulity and maybe the only reason it didn’t was that she had her hands on it at the washbasin.)

Now: none of this is to say that I don’t think we all shouldn’t live deliciously abundant lives.

Part of my deep deep commitment and legacy in this lifetime is to help decommission the broke-healer archetype and re-orient soulful entrepreneurs, visionaries, and creatives into their limitless capacity to expand their wealth into true richness – multidimensionally: which of course includes cash.

And I’m utterly unapologetic about that.

But what I do question is when cash flow seemingly becomes the only objective we seek – the only thing that’s emphasised as being important, and the only sign of business success that’s being splashed around.

As though true mastery, deep service to the earth & humanity, lasting client transformational shifts, more deeply secure & settled nervous systems, and soulfully skilled expertise (and not just in marketing) are lesser desired outcomes.

Now, I am not demonising money.

But I am not into deifying it either.

Money is a neutral resource that flows through our lives, which allows and enables needs and desires to be met. And we can always allow larger amounts to pool for ourselves and into investments we care about, without binding ourselves to it as though our survival depends on only it alone.

And look, I completely understand the nervous system crunch that occurs when cash reserves are down.

There is a super seductive call to bind our security to a savings account or external signposts and anchors that feel like the only safety available.

Especially when every influential societal structure and institution is telling us that this is literally gospel.

But what if I told you there’s a deeper safety you can access within you, and it can NEVER be taken away?

That you can actually allow starlight and the energy of the earth to bring you into deep safety and incredible inner liberation?

And that abundance, joy, deep relaxation, and lusciousness can flow from this place, no matter what’s going on externally?

That you can trust yourself to be held by the universe – because it wants to flow through you and show you the insane magic and enriched legacy you’re truly capable of living?

I personally know I wouldn’t have been able to enact my own river of abundance if I didn’t first let the universe into my body and allow my light to lead the way.

And it’s truly what I (and many of my fellow mystics and intuitives) can sense and feel is emerging as utter truth – the amount of light a person is able to cultivate and allow to flow through their body will truly be the currency of our new earth paradigm: and it will be something we can all FEEL.

And it won’t need to be flashed around in photos of private jets or cash flow balances inflated into balloons.

It will be obvious, palpable, and overflowing in everything they do.

In everything you do.

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I can’t wait to share this epic light-filled juiciness with you!