Episode 3: People Don’t Respond To Just Your Words and Actions – They Respond To This

We miss out on so much of life’s magic when we focus purely on the surface level.

In this episode of the Lead with Your Light Podcast, we’ll be exploring the myriad reasons that we become disconnected from our bodies, and what happens when we do move beyond the surface and start to truly activate ourselves in a deeper, more embodied way. 

I often see this as the missing piece — experiencing words and actions on a mental or surface level, but not fully embodying those words and actions. Creating deeply aligned and congruent energy asks us to anchor into connection with our energetic body. 

We are so much more powerful than we give ourselves credit for. By allowing yourself to inhabit your energetic body to its fullest capacity, you’re able to turn on your personal light grid, create more magic and fully express resonant energy. And it’s from this space that we can then truly begin to play, co-create, collaborate and interact with the world around us. 

I’ll be sharing some of my personal experience, how I began to re-energise and activate my own personal light grid, and I’ll also take you through some of the tools and processes that you can use to start practicing this as well.

I hope this episode gives you some ah-ha moments and some clues as to how you may be allowing your own energy to move through your body — or maybe not move through your body as effectively as possible! 

In this episode of the Lead With Your Light Podcast

  • Moving from surface-level words and actions to embodied, congruent energetic alignment [2:20]
  • Fully activating your energy centres [4:44]
  • Understanding the many reasons that we become disconnected and disoccoate through both personal and collective traumas, and how to come back into our bodies [5:50]
  • My personal experience and how the personal light grid came to be [10:52] 
  • What the personal light grid process is and how to begin working with it [16:06]

Resources mentioned

Want to dive deep into activating and amplifying your own personal light grid? I’d love to invite you into my next-level group mentorship The Luminous. You’ll learn how to consistently amp up your inner light quotient (how much light your energetic field holds), fine-tune your frequency, and deftly ride the waves of density as they release during these times of deep global shifts and energetic intensity. Head here to learn more

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People Don’t Respond To Just Your Words and Actions - They Respond to This — Carly Stephan