Why are spiritual teachings so contradictory?

I remember when I first began resonating with certain spiritual truths and teachings, I’d be ridiculously drawn to them – and YET – have absolutely know idea why I couldn’t completely FEEL their truth, and really implement or live them.

It would go something like, “Yes! We’re all one!” I could understand the concept well and good, and it certainly sounded all beautifully warm and fuzzy, but in the next second my ego would want to separate me and put me into a place of judgement when I found myself wanting to cocoon myself and my energy from people and places that depleted me and sucked me dry. How can we be all one if there are things I really cannot stand to be near? I couldn’t reconcile it.

Similarly, the beautiful teachings of Abraham-Hicks, with their emphasis on honing the power of pure positive focus. I couldn’t understand how I was able to reckon with my inner, most repressed parts – integrate and fully love my shadow aspects – without then creating some gnarly awful manifestation in my life as a result. If I took my focus off the positive for a second, wasn’t that going to undo a whole lotta great work?

Why are spiritual teachings so contradictory-

It can be a confusing time, traversing spiritual concepts and feeling like on the one hand you can understand a spiritual truth, but on the other have absolutely no idea how to make it a LIVED truth in your reality.

In this video I’m chatting about why spiritual teachings are contradictory (and there’s a GOOD reason!), and how to know which spiritual truth is right for you at any point in time.

Let me know what you think! Have you had an experience with trying to reconcile spiritual truths and coming up short? I’d love to hear from you. And please use the share buttons below to share this with anyone you think may find this useful! Biggest love.

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