The Biggest Revelation

I often struggle to accurately articulate what it truly feels like to live life the way I do.

I’ll catch up with much-beloved family or friends, and when I’m asked how I am, or how things are – I falter at responding.

Not because there’s nothing to say (there is always SO MUCH), but there’s really not a cultural frame or construct for many people to hang on to about living a deeply heart & purpose-led life.

Or at the very least, it’s an emerging but still a pretty nascent construct.

We can relate to and reference many other cultural constructs quite easily:

Get a dream job!
Become famous!
Get a pay rise/have loads of cash!
Become engaged to your lover!
Get married!
Buy a house!
Have children and the adventures/tribulations of family life and politics!

These are easily digestible and understood by many because they’ve been energised as constructs we all MUST aim for, to be successful humans (why? Because we’re deeply entrenched in systemic vested influences of extraction, manipulation, and control – but that’s for another post!)

I certainly left school & uni thinking exactly this. And I proceeded to try and line my life up to be the perfect box-ticking example.

It wasn’t until my late 20s/early 30s that I began to get a little suspicious of whether these social constructs were ACTUALLY going to elicit a deep and lasting sense of satisfaction and soul-fulfilment for me (and MANY others).

Because I began to see a curious thing: people with EVERY BOX TICKED and more were, how do they say it in French… les miserables?

As in – absolutely at the bottom of the pile of humans you’d want to hold up as a specimen of ‘ truly happy’.

Or worse than miserable, many were prematurely ending their lives.

It looked like: celebrities with all of the admiration that fame and fortune brought them – strung out on alcohol and drugs, checking into rehab.

The wealthiest people I knew: completely riddled with anxiety AND depression. Many of whom chose to end their lives prematurely (around this time a – gazillionaire – boss of a huge energy company walked off his own penthouse balcony here in Brisbane and it shocked the crap out of me).

‘Happily married’ couples quietly admitting to misery, infidelity (not of their own choosing), domestic violence, and divorcing.

You get my drift, right?

I began to see that none of the plans society had for me and my so-called happiness and success as a human were actually reliable, fool-proof, or what led to a long-lasting, ever-present sense of inner peace, unlimited love, and deep soul-fulfilment, as promised.

Because at this point it looked very much to me like, so long as you APPEARED to have it all – society was happy to ignore the horrible underbelly of truth that happened behind closed doors.

I began to see the default setting of society’s constructs as borderline psychotic.

Now, I feel it’s necessary right here to say: I am definitely NOT saying none of these things are fulfilling: of course they are/can be.

But what I am saying is that the pursuit of box-ticking following what ‘society deems acceptable or desirable’ is a recipe for hollow, empty, disembodied living.

Because if you hold yourself up to the vagaries of societal expectations: you’re setting yourself up for a perpetual case of seeking-and-not-finding, frustration, and always falling short.

You will never ‘win’.

Case in point? Let’s follow one such ‘societal expectation’ scenario down the road a little.

The choice to have a child.

Don’t have a child! (climate/earth resources/why are you over-populating the earth?) => have a child! (keep the species going/the only true fulfilment a woman has!) => birth choices? => c-section (what!) => natural home birth (irresponsible, go to hospital!) => how do you feed babe? => breast! (just don’t show us in public, you indecent hussy!) => bottle (but bonding / breast is best!) => attachment parenting (what about independence?) => self-soothe/settling (you monster!)… and, that’s gotten us to month two of babe’s life.

Hitching your sail to the ever-changing breeze that swings through the expectations of society will have you circling and circling and circling and wondering why you haven’t reached the promised shores yet, to FINALLY dig up the treasure they promised would be there upon your arrival.

When the truth is you’ll ‘get there’ when you’re tapped into and powered by your SELF.

Your energy.

Your desire.

Your truth.

And the promised shore? You’re actually already there.

Look down and you’ll see your barefeet on the sand.

Because the treasure you’re seeking is all ALREADY WITHIN you.

And if that seems like a concept that you can’t quite reach yet, this is fine. Just hold it lightly. 

When I decided that society didn’t know what was best for me, and I chose to instead dig for the treasure right where I was standing: everything changed.

– I unlocked a limitless fountain of love which led to soulmates and soul partnerships of such depth it makes me weep with joy, frequently.

– I unleashed endless creativity that fuelled the creation of a soul business and life unfathomable just a single generation ago.

– I tapped into the lush richness of overflow, a river of abundance we all get access to when we see through to the truth that our worth was never conditional.

– I activated into the light of a trillion suns and lit up a life-long legacy that will burn brightly beyond my time here on earth: to inspire millions of people into intimacy with their own inner light – and to beam their own brilliance out into the world.

I became a glitch in the matrix.

And I live my life as this, every single day.

And being an example of this life, living my truth every day – is the only way I know how to truly communicate the ecstatic fulfilment I feel in the depths of my cells.

So, forgive me if we ever meet and you ask how I am and I look at you and have barely anything to say.

But if you look closely you’ll see the twinkle of joy in my eye, and feel the deep thrum of my passionate heart beating in my chest, and sense the light in my body and energetic field.

It’ll feel like calm, peace, freedom, and joy rolled into a 5 foot 3 woman package.

And if your vision gets a little blurry, don’t worry – it’s just me being the glitch I want you to see in the world.

C xx

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