The David Attenborough of Starseeds

Earlier this week, some of my soulies and I were deep in squeely-excited message chatting as we organised our upcoming adventure to go and SWIM WITH HUMPBACK WHALES in the wild. I KNOW – epic.

Whenever I see a whale from afar in the ocean (while I’m either on the shore or the shallows – faaaaar away), I can so deeply feel their harmonic resonance within my body.

So – I think I’m going to bawl my eyes out and have the most epic energetic activation ever when I get up close and personal with them. It makes me a little teary even thinking about it as I write this.

Back to the squeeee moment – I was explaining to my beloveds that the cetacean species of animals (ie whales and dolphins) are little portals of harmonising energy from the Sirius star system (Sirius B to be more precise) – and they literally serve our earth’s frequency (and current ascension) by being who they are – swimming in the ocean and singing their songs.

Thus why even seeing them is a literal transmission of frequency medicine! If we allow ourselves to attune to them, we assimilate codes of deep peace and truth in expression.

I’m an unapologetic starseed and quantum energy nerd – and my babes were very quick to remind me of this (with great mirth), hence the David Attenborough of Starseeds moniker came into being!

[In case you had the impression I’m remotely cool, please let this rapidly shatter your illusion.]

ET consciousness and starseed realms may not have been absolutely front and centre of my messaging of late, but rest-assured: so much of what I channel and transmit through my body comes from some of the highest dimensions we can energetically access as humans – yes, intergalactically. 

And this has been hugely on my mind of late – in amongst our experience of a global pandemic and huge socio-cultural shifts and changes (long overdue!). I’ve been connecting more and more to what the highest dimensions are guiding and instructing us (because they’ve been there and done that already – they also exist beyond time and space, so they know how this ends. PS Love wins) – and ultimately how I can best serve humanity to transition into the next phase of new earth.

Because the fact is – as creator beings we have SO MUCH MORE INFLUENCE on what comes next than what we realise. And our transition to higher realms of existence – ie the fifth dimension and beyond – all occurs WITHIN EACH OF US first.

We – just like the whales and the dolphins – can affect the world with just our frequency.

Yes, the fifth dimension is not somewhere you GO, it’s a place you begin to inhabit with your energetic frequency – it’s who you ARE.

The more humans realise and own their creator being status – and they stream fifth dimensional energy through their bodies – the sooner we’re going to exist in a time and space reality where the fifth dimension is a landed and fully earthed truth.

A few years ago now, I channelled a process that helps humans do just this: the personal light grid activation process. In fact, it came from an alliance of energies that I came to know as the Arcturian/Sirian Council – aspects of my own galactic heritage hail from these systems so it was no surprise that a conglomeration of these came through to help me live out my legacy here on earth. It has been my honour and privilege to teach and transmit the process and help people embody more light within their energetic fields as a result – enabling and assisting their access to the fifth dimension and awareness of their highest aspects of self.

And now – the guidance I’ve received from them is to go EVEN DEEPER with the process, with those who know they are here to seed the future to come.

This program has been brewing within me for awhile – in fact it dropped in late last year. But it just didn’t feel right to launch it…bit and pieces started to drop in here and there, but it wasn’t until a couple of months ago that I felt the full rush of GOOOOO energy come through, which is the way my guides clearly communicate with me that the time is right (trust your inner timing, babes!).

I’ve created THE PROGRAM to not only guide and align you with your deepest, truest, most authentically potent self – but you’re also going to be contributing to the next phase of the evolution of humanity. No biggie.

And so, I present to you the most epically potent and coded container of juicy transformation I’ve ever created: THE LUMINOUS – A next-level group mentoring program for light-beam babes who are so ready to be part of a movement to activate and embody their light-bodies, while also revelling in the company of other amazing frequency-shifting women!

The Luminous container is for you if you’re ready to claim a very unreal life.


This is very much ONLY for the called ones, the ones who feel like the ‘ordinary’ life you’re supposed to be thrilled about living, actually feels like a scratchy, ill-fitting dress that’s pinching you in all the wrong places.

You’re ready to shimmy that sucker off, post-haste – and step into one that lets you BREATHE, FEEL & BE your most luminous self, daily – feeling your light anchored deeply in your body.

In The Luminous you’ll learn how to consistently amp up your inner light quotient (how much light your energetic field holds), fine-tune your frequency, and deftly ride the waves of density as they release (oh hello shadow, our old friend!).

Using the process of embodying and energising your personal light grid, you’ll be decommissioning from the old paradigm stories of ‘how life is’: burnout, depletion, martyrdom, lack of energy, feeling despondent, hopelessness, always expecting the worst, protecting and hiding yourself, and instead: consistently re-orienting to AND energising the truth of living a life beyond your wildest dreams: unconditional joy, embodied ecstasy, over-flowing abundance, highest potentials realised – you become the person people ‘just want to be around’ because you’re a portal of light with frequency-shifting power.

The Luminous is here so that you know you don’t have to this paradigm-shifting work alone, that you can feel fully supported and held by like-hearted and loving soulies who are on the same path as you. 

The Luminous container has been coded personally by me to bring you consistent and gentle reminders of your innate divinity, your luminosity and to always guide you back into the pristine knowing of your limitless power – until this happens on autopilot for you, daily.

This program is designed to be a supportive environment for you on your awakening journey, based on processes I’ve honed, tried and tested on myself and hundreds of clients – with amazing results.

It’s your safe place to land – and to energetically expand!

This group mentoring program is all about getting you out of your head and into your body, and having you FEEL super connected to your own lusciousness, and internally LIT UP.

Doing this kind of lightwork can lead to all kinds of AMAZINGNESS in a woman’s life. 

You tap into your innate superpowers, always oriented towards your highest light, and are frankly never the same again.

Embodying your light can and will:

  • Create utter MAGNETISM, your inner light shines so bright that you become a literal beacon to call in your soul peeps and situations with absolute ease
  • Amplify your potency and lusciousness – it connects you to your body in a way you’ve likely never felt before
  • Tap you deeper into your intuition and your inner guidance system (you can hear and sense it much more clearly)
  • Increase your inner light quotient (how much light you hold, as opposed to density) – so you FEEL lighter, brighter, and more at ease
  • Enhance your clair-abilities (clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience and claircognisance) so that you begin to experience more of the world’s magic – seeing and sensing other dimensions, guides and perspectives you never knew existed
  • Help you energetically influence the world around you, rather than it constantly influencing you (and dragging your off course)
  • Tap you into living in the fifth dimension – which is a place you create inside yourself and beam out into the world (yes, 5D is not somewhere you go – it’s who you are!)

I have truly loaded this program up with SO MUCH GOODNESS. And – I’m going to be with you every step of the way, doing the work beside you.

There are bonuses galore – and I’ve absolutely loaded this baby up with value – it’s truly the most value-laden and accessibly-priced long-term mentoring program I’ve ever offered.

Numbers are capped – so it’s really a first-in-best-dressed scenario. Once we’re full, we’re full. So if you’re feeling the pull to join – back yourself.

The FIRST 5 babes to sign up will receive a FREE 30-minute 1:1 Activate Session with me.

We begin at the end of August! 

Are you ready to serve the world by being who you truly are? I’m excited to do this with you if you’re feeling it!