What if you embodied the momentum of unstoppable light you are?

If you feel like there’s a never-ending insatiable need to stand out amongst the crowd and you constantly fall short – the clue of where-to-next lies deep within yourself.

As someone who heavily curates what she sees in her social feeds, and who aims to spend far more of her attention outside of little square boxes of electricity than inside them – even I can feel the weight and pressure of the shiny popular online entrepreneurs who appears to click their fingers and see their follower counts jump exponentially, or have everyone clamouring on to their every word.

The feeling of drowning in insignificance can be palpable when it seems like the squeaky wheel gets the grease: when it appears that you need to be controversial, contrary, whip up a conspiracy frenzy or gyrate wildly with your underwear on to get any form of attention.

It’s a disheartening place to be in.

Unless you know the truth of the essence that you are – and what you’re truly here to know about the impact you’re here to make.

When we reduce ourselves down to automaton status, strictly here to do the things that are placed on us from places of expectation (from within ourselves, or projected externally but still originating from our own inner tyrant) – we buy into and energise the limited 3D roles we play, rather than the truth of our limitlessness – our infinite possibilities exist so far beyond these expectations.

We do ourselves a disservice to reduce the multi-faceted beings we are down to any kind of metric, or to keep up with the latest online trend – like any of it actually means something beyond being a very neutral piece of information.

But nevertheless, we downgrade our energy and spiral into old stories of lack, discounting the truth of our pulsating magic.

When you’re not honouring the light you are and the contribution you already make and are already destined to make, you will be at the whim of these external metrics, and old stories that want to swoop in and confirm your deepest fears of your non-desirability.

This all happens when you don’t intimately know the truth of your capacity for exponential expansion in your own body and field, and the true creative potential encoded in the light that is pouring through your cells.

When the truth is:

You possess the power of a trillion suns of explosive possibility in your body.

You have more than enough talent, capacity and resources to earth every dream you have.

Your medicine is always needed, it is felt and it ripples out into the collective, regardless of the ‘feedback’ you receive.

You were put here on purpose, and it wasn’t an accident that you need to rectify or curse.

Your future and fortune are not a game of chance. DECIDE what you’re available for, and act accordingly (and that action may include simply ‘BEING’ for awhile – not every quantum leap occurs in the ‘doing’).

The light in you expands naturally – let it MOVE YOU to the next inspired step (not what your mind tells you is the next step, you are not an automaton).

Your legacy doesn’t have a time limit – and it will unfold in the most perfect timing, remembering that time as a linear construct DOESN’T ACTUALLY EXIST.

You were given everything you need to live the most insanely amazing life imaginable – no matter what it may feel like now.

Got it?


I love you.

PS You were put here to BE the light, lovely. To deeply know yourself as it, on a cellular level.

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