Episode 1: How to Lead with Your Light in Trying Times

Welcome to the Lead with Your Light Podcast!

This has been one of my most requested offerings — so here it is! I’m so excited to be bringing it to life. 

I’ll be your guide as we explore what it means to be an enlivened, embodied, and richly-resourced leader in service of humanity and the earth. 

The Lead with Your Light podcast will be a mixture of musings on how we can bring more magic into the world, techniques to increase our own inner light, and conversations centred around how to energise into the highest-level humans we can be. 

This is especially important now, as we navigate this amplified time in our world, and I thought this would be a great place to start with our first episode.

In this episode, we’ll be diving deeper into how you can beam your unique light into the world and live in a nuanced, meaningful and magical way — even amongst what can feel like incredible chaos and shifting times of healing and transformation. 

In this episode of the Lead With Your Light Podcast

  • An introduction to the show and what the Lead with Your Light Podcast is all about [3:33]
  • My story and journey thus far, going full-time in my own business and being guided into truly backing myself [10:23]
  • How I do this work in the world [20:08] 
  • How you can lead with your light in trying times [22:13]
  • Tools, practices + supports that can be helpful in these times [26:02]
  • The difference between feeling into the heaviness of the collective energy as an observer vs keeping yourself in a depressed or de-energized state because of guilt [32:23]
  • How to navigate the enormity of what’s happening in our world and how to make a difference [34:50]
  • What’s ahead on the podcast [39:30]

Resources mentioned

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How to Lead with Your Light in Trying Times — Carly Stephan