Episode 4: An Important Practise to Master as a New Paradigm Leader

In this episode, we’ll be diving deeper into a concept that I’ve been exploring and journeying with over the past few years, and I’m so excited to share it with you!  

It’s something that is simple and yet quite profound, and I’ve framed this subject for light-filled leaders – like yourself – who have realised that they indeed have an important role to play in anchoring in the new paradigms that Earth really needs to survive and thrive during these tumultuous times. 

The state that I’m referring to is: “happy for no reason” or unconditional happiness.

What this requires of us is a very secure inner state as well as a capacity to create the new within ourselves before we can see it externally. 

When we give ourselves permission to only feel good if and when things in life are going well or we tell ourselves that we have to feel bad when things feel busy or overwhelming or when there are intense things happening in the collective, we’re attaching our state of joy and happiness to external factors. 

Now, this isn’t to say that we shouldn’t feel things in response to what’s occurring in our lives!

But instead, I’m inviting you to cultivate and sustain a sensation of joy, peace or happiness purely from the state of existence. 

And the reason I think this is crucial for anyone who is leading in these times is that by creating this ability to maintain a sensation of joy or happiness in ourselves without attaching it to anything specific or external, it allows us to remain in a deep, embodied state of steadiness and a more resilient capacity to lead. 

This state also helps us create the new. 

During the episode, I’ll also be taking you through some simple daily tools and practises that you can use to go deeper into cultivating and experiencing this state of ‘happy for no reason’ and allow yourself to exist with and as this sensation.

If we are leaders of these new paradigms, we need to embody the new energy within ourselves and allow that to inform the path for us to step onto. 

We need to take a stand and allow ourselves to feel an elevated state however we can — whether it’s peace, joy or happiness. 

We are multi-dimensional beings that exist in a ‘yes-and’ reality, and as a leader of light in this world, it’s important to inhabit this space so that the new can be created and we can leave the old paradigms and patterns behind. 

You really can cultivate this space, create new paradigms, and anchor them into our collective reality. 

Being able to do this in an elevated state is such a gift for all of us, so I invite you to play with this concept, make it your own, and work on accessing it within yourself. 

You don’t need a reason to be happy. 

You don’t need to attach and tether yourself to things in this world that are intended to de-energise you. 

You can exist as the joy that you are. 

And remember, your existence is the most stunning sacred union between the Earth and the cosmos. 

You embody both of them, you exist as both of them. 

You are light embodied, and you are a multi-dimensional creature of magic. If that isn’t enough reason to be happy and joyous just because then I don’t know what is. 

I hope you enjoy playing with this concept!

In this episode of the Lead With Your Light Podcast

  • The important state to master and embody as a light-filled leader [2:22]
  • Diving deeper into the state of ‘happy for no reason’ and unconditional happiness [2:42]
  • My journey with accessing and cultivating this state of being and how it landed unexpectedly for me [3:10]
  • The reasons why this is crucial for anyone who is leading, especially in these times [6:38]
  • Creating the new and why it’s so important to embody the new within ourselves as conscious leaders [7:59]
  • A few practises, tools, and ideas to play with to really help you establish this as a state of being that you can access [10:35]
  • The concept of heart coherence and connecting to & activating your heart centre [14:49]

Resources mentioned

The HeartMath Institute

Tune Out the World, Tune Into You Meditation 

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 An Important Practise to Master as a New Paradigm Leader — Carly Stephan