Episode 2: Your Legacy Doesn’t Have a Time Limit

How much time would you be willing to spend to create something that lasts forever?

I read this line recently, written by George Saunders in The Paris Review, and it sent chills up my spine.

It spoke to the quandary that so many of us have.

The sense of a lifetime legacy beckoning us into exalted service and the feeling like we’re NOT DOING ENOUGH, or we don’t have enough time to achieve it.

I currently have quite the payload of business projects and offerings in conception and creation mode, PLUS I just initiated myself into a 12-month mentorship with the world’s leading expert in energetics (after spending literal YEARS searching for a mentor who was not problematic and has the expertise I need to up-level & upgrade – it’s been a journey!).

Add in all the other facets of LIFE and it can seem as though there simply ISN’T ENOUGH TIME to do it all.

That I’ll never get there.

That it’s all too much.

And this is where we can all fall into the deficit disposition trap: an all-pervading feeling of anxiety and nervousness that we’re not doing life right. And we’re not living out the legacy we’re here to leave behind after we’re gone.

But, as a quantum creatress who weaves energy in the realms where time doesn’t exist, I also know this isn’t true.

I’ve unsubscribed myself from time.

I know how to orient myself in order for things to ‘take care of themselves’ and collapse time and space so that it all gets done (even if I don’t KNOW how this will happen!).

And so do you.

You KNOW how much can ‘get done’ at lightspeed and flow if you let it – following your soul’s true guidance and getting out of your own way.

– What you thought may take weeks can get done in a day, with the right energy.

– Synchronous events can occur simultaneously and you can quantum leap to a destination you thought was far down the track.

– What you previously thought needed your time and effort, gets done by someone else (with or without your knowledge).

So I want to pop in with this reminder: your legacy doesn’t have a time limit.

It doesn’t live to capitalist deadlines that require adrenal burnout and nervous system shutdown.

In fact, your legacy ADORES it when you’re having the most fun.

Being the most joyous version of you. (Not as a performance, but truly buoyed up!)

Playing with it all.

And guess what happens when you give yourself the space to unfurl, play, and be in joy?

You reach a whole other frequency of existence.

And on this dimension – nudges, hints, and guidance drop in out of nowhere.

Inspiration and soul KNOWING of what comes next arrives.

Creation flows with ease and grace from this space.

And what you create, from this place of pure joy and potency?

It will have ‘lasts forever’ stamped ALL OVER IT.

In this episode, we’ll dive deeper into how you can actively choose a different paradigm, one that isn’t based on what you think you “should” be doing and instead is centred on what’s most deeply soul-aligned for you.

One that comes from the space that you are elevated to through your play, your joy, and your pleasure. 

The magic you’re here to bring to the world is not going to come from a place of forcing and manipulating yourself. We can weave deep magic when we allow ourselves to relax open into the flexibility of the eternal NOW. 

I truly hope this episode serves you and that you can feel a sense of openness, expansion and relaxation around what you are here to do in this world and know yourself deeply enough to be able to feel into and recognise what your next step in alignment is. 

In this episode of the Lead With Your Light Podcast

  • Exploring the sense that we’re not “doing enough” or that we’re running out of time to achieve our lifetime legacy. [1:19] 
  • The deficit disposition trap and what this means. [2:26] 
  • Moving beyond the limiting stories about not having enough time and how you can do this. [3:25] 
  • Your legacy doesn’t have a time limit and what happens when you give yourself the space to move at your own pace and allow yourself to just be. [4:34] 
  • Shifting into a soul-aligned paradigm and orienting yourself to play, joy and pleasure. [6:49]
  • Truly life-changing and legacy-making work speaks in alignment and integrity and why your state of being matters so much. [9:10]

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Your Legacy Doesn't Have A Time Limit — Carly Stephan