AMPLIFIED Mastermind 2.0 is Here!


Last weekend I hosted my AMPLIFIED Mastermind’s Soul Retreat in Byron Bay, the conclusion of our epic six-month journey together in round one of our Mastermind. 

It was a beautiful combination of business strategising, activating visions, laser coaching AND soulie chats, nature communing, pampering, eating, shopping, cocktails and having a professional photoshoot with an amazing photographer to capture each of their true essences on camera.

Each of the women in AMPLIFIED have each lit up the world in their most unique of ways over the last six months – they’ve stepped into their luminous power and landed dreams and desires that had only seemed like a far off wish not that long ago: signature programs launched, income doubled, tripled, quadrupled, business systems that are soulfully aligned and supportive of who they are have been set up, soulmate clients have appeared (and continue to), and a complete and utter bone-deep knowing of their worthiness and the contribution they’re each here to make is now firmly ensconced in each of them.

And now, I’m SO THRILLED to announce that AMPLIFIED Mastermind 2.0 is here! I have room in this catalytic Mastermind container for just a few more amazing soul-led women who feel excited by its’ essence and are so ready to GO FOR IT (yep, we’re nearly full for this round already!). 

In this next round (which begins at the end of July) we’ll be diving into the energetics of purposeful success, navigating the grey areas of life and business (i.e. when clients / life throws a curveball your way), and ALL NEW QUANTUM UPGRADE PILLARS.

Through each of the six Quantum Pillars, we’ll unlock the energetic codes of your highest self within you RIGHT NOW. 

You’ll get the processes, techniques and energetic secrets to not only align with the highest multidimensional version of you, but lock this state in as your daily reality – not just something you briefly touch in meditation and then it all falls apart. 

Are you ready to embody and anchor your stellar vision and legacy here on earth?

To know it so deeply and intimately in your cells that you’re absolutely tuned into the next aligned step you need to take at any moment?

To completely OWN the you who calls in ALL THE MAGIC. All of the fifth-dimension and BEYOND is where you reside and you tune into this frequency with ease and flow as it is your birthright to do so. 


You’re done with mindset shifts and you’re ready for embodied cellular shifts that create real change.

You love having suggestions for structures and systems, with a huge dose of freedom to make it work for you – keeping your soul work and who you are at the front and centre of it all. 

You’re ready to up-level what you’re available for in life, love, and success in this world.

You desire clarity in your soul business vision and wish to be guided into making offerings that ooze YOUR magic (no cookie-cutter approaches).

You’re ready to hit 2020 in the highest vibration and frequency timeline.

You feel a heart leap and the energy of this offer lights you up and you feel a giant expansive feeling of YES deep in your heart or gut.


You aren’t yet ready to take full responsibility for your awakening journey.

You’re currently experiencing acute trauma, this is best treated by a counsellor or psychiatrist who guides you through a trauma-informed process.

You’re not ready to claim your greatness, and choose yourself.

Are you ready to fully step INTO your multidimensional self, become magnetic to all of your desires and anchor your divine human template here on earth?

Message me for the AMPLIFIED Mastermind Overview or email me at to apply!

In Case You Need A Reminder


Hands up if you’ve been feeling the intense energy a-swirling and a-whirling in the ethers for the past few weeks? 

For so many people this is appearing as flutters of anxiety, flushes of fear, and a nagging feeling of things feeling ‘off’ – even if and especially if, most things are objectively fine in your world.

And yes, you’re not imagining it – we’ve been in some intense New Earth grid gateways that are helping shift the earth’s trajectory into higher and higher timelines (although to many observers it may appear the opposite! Every great change is preceded by chaos and all, right?). The light that is pouring in is flooding us with support to realise these higher timelines sooner.
In the meantime, I can assure you that despite the intense feelings it brings, the current energy influx will absolutely align you with your highest good – but only if you’ll allow it to do its thing and move through you (that’s right, breathe it into you, let it move throughout your body and out your feet, into the earth). 

Become the conductor of the energy, instead of being tossed about by it. This light energy will show you where you’re currently out of alignment with what your soul truly desires.

This light moves through our worlds and spring-cleans us into awareness (and initiates awakenings in those who are ready to begin their journey inwards!). 

And once we become aware, we have the power to transmute and transform anything that feels out of whack for us internally – and make a decision to shift it, so that we can feel the thrum of harmony within us once again.

Something that I absolutely KNOW helps with managing this energy is: using it to CREATE something. Channel it into your most potent expression with your writing, or painting, or dancing, or cooking, or playing with your children, or ANYTHING besides being stagnant and still and tying yourself up in knots with anxiety. 

You need to MOVE it, baby.

Another thing that can really help when you feel an intensity of energy in your body – is being reminded of your magnificence.

So – in case you need it today, a few reminders for you (maybe say it with me, right now?):

* I am the magnificence of creation, embodied – not the circumstances that surround me.

* I have the creative power of the universe coded into my DNA – I don’t need anyone else to grant me that power.

* When energy feels intense I use it as fuel to power me into aligned action that supports my HIGHEST GOOD.

* I swim and relish the adventure within the dark waters of the mysteries of life – I do not drown there.

* I am a powerful & sovereign human being.

* World peace begins with the peace I cultivate within myself. How I treat myself is how I treat the world – and how the world treats me.

* I am ALWAYS held in love because it’s what I’m made of. I can never be separate from something I AM.

Allow each of these to settle into your cells today, beauty. 

And if one particularly resonates – write it on a post-it note and put it up where you can see it often. Or pop a reminder in your phone with the message, so you see it every day.

One small shift can ripple through your entire existence – I hope you know that. 

And I hope you can feel your power today.

Huge love your way, 

Carly xo

P.S I’m about to open just *2 spots* for my newest epic high-level private 1:1 mentorship – ILLUMINATE. Want to join me in the juiciest and most potent offering I have?

Illuminate is a 6 Month super-catalytic 1:1 Program that will shift and transform you completely (in a sustainable and maintainable way!). Your life, your inner connection, your biz, your love-life, your career, YOU – won’t be the same after our time together. If you’re ready to stop following other people’s rules and start listening to and embodying the truth of who you are and what your soul came here to do – this program is for you.

Drop me a line at to apply! x

Finally Announcing What I’ve Been Working On!


How does radically upgrading into the state of receiving EVERYTHING you’ve ever desired and becoming a magnet to your wildest dreams sound to you? Amazing? Or – completely out of reach?

Over the last few weeks, my dear bestie Melissa Sandon and I have been creating epically activating soul codes of transmission for one another, to support the construction of our sovereign light fields of riches.

We were going to do a free mini video series training for you, to give you a taste of what we have been doing behind the scenes, a little tidbit to give you a hint of what our secrets are, and what we hold for one another while we expand our soul fields into infinite possibilities of creation and wealth.

But then, that didn’t feel right. It felt kind of limiting, and in the energy of lack mentality. 

Why are we keeping this all to ourselves? Doesn’t this kind of knowledge and the codes of wealth and abundance need to be shared? 

And then soul stepped in and demanded that we open ourselves up wide and share ABSOLUTELY everything with you: bring the codes, activations and embodied knowledge directly to you, and create an on-flow worth billions of dollars in value as a result. 

The offering demanded to be magnificently luminous, potently deep and amazingly supportive for a select group of women who are really ready to attune to the wealth of their soul and open their river of receivership and abundance WIDE. 

And she wanted to be called: RICH & RADIANT – A Six-Week Program to radically uplevel to receiving everything you’ve ever desired and become a magnet to your wildest dreams.

We’re talking – the energetics, strategy and the cellular shifts required to amplify and attune to your earning capacity to HIGH FLOW SIX/SEVEN FIGURES, which is exactly where both of us are playing.

We’ve woven together our most potent teachings, training methodologies, activations, invocations and the exact processes WE use to run our soulfully-led multi-six figure businesses. 

This program is not just a knowledge and content-oriented course that’s going to be your ‘business-in-a-box’ or plug-in-and-play style of training. 

This is a soul-level, cellular-shifting program that will align you with your sovereign light-field of riches so that you can truly actualise the legacy you’re here to leave on this earth.

We are holding this container for one major, drastic, revolutionary idea: that soulful women get paid (and paid well) for their service to the planet. 

We want soulful women like you to claim and stand for the riches and radiance that is your birthright, and for YOU to witness the explosive ripple effect of catalysing and inspiring everyone around you to claim and channel their luminosity and riches too.

We’re going to plug you into the field of money so you can begin to trust AND expect people to want to pay you for your gifts. 

Money will start to feel good and pleasurable and you’ll calibrate to letting it flow into your field and bank accounts. 

Our entire earth benefits when money gets into the hands of women who are soulfully aligned and committed to bringing their light and gifts to the world.

Are you ready to be one of those women?

We’d love for you to join us! 

We begin on April 17, but when you sign up you’ll get instant access to over $2500 worth of bonus materials to sink your teeth into straight away, and get you super-charged and prepped for our journey together!


AND as if that wasn’t fun enough, we’ll also be running a 3 day SOUL-FIRE BUSINESS ACCELERATOR in Bali at the end of May – a deep and activating intensive to actualise the impact of your creative soul gifts, claim the luminosity of your soul work and undergo a complete transfiguration into the thriving, sovereign, light-rich woman who is enacting her soul work business. 

AND – anyone who attends our Soul Fire Accelerator Retreat will receive the entire Rich & Radiant program for f r e e! 

Details for you to join us on Retreat are to come, but drop me an email if you already know you want IN and we’ll reserve your spot (spaces are strictly limited).

You Won’t Get Your Glow From This


At my local shopping centre there’s a beauty studio that I often shimmy past as I head to my greengrocer and I swear it’s gradually been morphing itself from a waxing and general beautician place to an injectibles and dermal filler studio (aka purveyors of botox-ed foreheads and fish lips). 

Blame it on the Kardashians or whomever else seems to set the trends for our current cultural zeitgeist, but the normalisation and explosion in popularity of cosmetic fillers, injectables and the like is truly happening (are you as shocked as me to hear that Australia has overtaken the U.S in per capita use of cosmetic fillers and surgery? It’s a billion dollar industry).

And hey, I get it – looking good and feeling good are inextricably linked. 

BUT what if we (and our society) have the link between the two the wrong way around? That it’s the feeling good part that has the flow on effect to looking good? I absolutely believe that we do.

So many women are externally manipulating and (in some cases) butchering themselves to achieve ‘beauty’, motivated by a delusion that this will bring an internal sense of satisfaction, ease, and happiness for them. 

Newsflash! It doesn’t. But the truth is that this kind of beauty simply cannot be bought and must be cultivated from within. And it begins with acknowledging our innate beauty and connecting to our inner radiance.

It is (and I say this in every sense of the word) literally your internal energetic state that dictates your genuine inner glow. 

Yes, one of the great elixirs of your vitality and radiance absolutely is how healthy and vibrant your energy body is – and connecting to this part of you is going to create the shifts you want to see in your appearance.

And this is why I’ve combined expertise with Natalie Sellars of Kindred Toxin Free Holistic Facial Studio to create a delicious in-person event for you:

Your Inner Glow  an afternoon of guidance and inspiration connecting you with the deep well of luminosity and joy that already resides within you – amp up your glow from the inside out!

The inspiration to create this event came about due to an increasing mutual concern of ours over the massive popularity of cosmetic enhancements and ‘appearance obsession’ at the cost of ACTUALLY feeling great and glowing from the inside-out as a juicy and internally fulfilled woman. 

If you’ve ever had a facial with Nat, you’ll know she’s SO much more about how you’re feeling inside than what’s going on external appearance-wise – and it’s what makes her the most amazing and popular facialist in Brisbane. When I first went to see her a few years ago, I was both shocked and relieved that she didn’t zero in on my facial imperfections, and instead focused on cultivating a nourishing and rejuvenating space for me to surrender and be held in, and made me feel like a goddess.

I would love for you to join both of us in Brisbane for a luscious half-day of connection and guided processes, including tried and true embodiment practices, journalling prompts and guided meditations as well as step-by-step instruction and guidance to create sacred feminine rituals for your body and face that actually cultivate and stoke your inner glow. 

The tips, tools, and tricks you will learn during our afternoon together can immediately be put to use to create your own sacred self-care practice that will keep you glowing every day. No more glow shimmer powder (or cosmetic fillers) needed!

We only have 20 spots available (and as of posting this we’re already over half full) and they will go like hotcakes – so head on over here to secure yours! 

P.S Our goodie bags are RIDICULOUSLY overloaded with value, with heaps of amazing gifts for you:

* A $40 gift voucher toward your next facial at Kindred
* Love, Candles & Blooms
* Alyssum Alchemy
* Mohi
* Miskin Organics
* Magic Earth Mumma

Let’s amp up your inner glow together!

Luminosity – 12 Days of Audios to Reconnect to Your Inner Radiance


In preparation for the light and energy I’ll be channeling for my AMPLIFIED Mastermind (beginning in January!), I’ve been deeply ensconced in energetic preparation work over the last month (I’ve done A LOT – if you’ve been watching on Insta Stories, you’ll know!).

Over the weekend a bodyworker of mine (who I hadn’t seen in about 3 1/2 weeks), took a look at my body and said I had a completely transformed nervous system and energy. “It’s like you have a new body” were her exact words.

It was so affirming to have what I know to be true (my juicy inner state) reflected back to me so objectively and clearly by a professional energy bodyworker.

SO – I felt inspired to deliver to you, for your listening pleasure, the key components of what I’ve been up to over the last little while.

Enter stage left, LUMINOSITY – 12 Days of Audios to Reconnect to Your Inner Radiance.

This 12-Day Audio Series is Designed to:

– Guide You to Tune into Your Higher Self
– Give You the Exact Tips + Tricks I’ve Used to Transform My Energy Body
– Help You Curate + Create a Self-Care Plan for Your Energy
– Activate and Align You to Your Inner Truth
– Provide You with Prompts and Insights for Your Personal Exploration
– Reconnect You with the Radiance That Is Already Within You
– Help You Begin 2019 With a Clear Energetic Slate!
– Be a Touch-point for You to Connect With Whenever You Need to – go at Your Own Pace
– Tune you into a Higher Frequency Immediately

You’ll be able to access the Audios indefinitely and whenever you desire – once you’re in, they’re yours forever.

If you have a hearing issue or impairment, please let me know and I will have transcripts available for you.

We begin on Monday 17 December – hop on over here to get on it!

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